Savanna Greywind: Baby Found At Scene Of Pregnant Woman’s Disappearance is Hers, Suspects Tell Cops [UPDATED]

The search for missing 22-year-old Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind, who is eight months pregnant, continues in Fargo, North Dakota, after police on Thursday made a shocking discovery in the building where the young expectant mom was last seen. Greywind vanished on Saturday, August 19, after leaving her family’s apartment to visit an upstairs neighbor in the building. According to a report in the Duluth News-Tribune newspaper, Greywind went upstairs to help a neighbor who was sewing a dress and needed someone to model the garment.

But despite having just ordered a pizza, which arrived but was left unconsumed, Greywind never returned to the downstairs apartment where she lived. Police said on Tuesday that they had searched the upstairs apartment three times and questioned the female occupant, but had turned up no evidence of criminal activity.

But on Thursday, the case took a chilling turn when, according to report by WDAZ-TV News in Grand Forks, North Dakota, police cordoned off and evacuated the apartment building where Greywind was last seen — and removed a 2-day-old infant. Greywind family member Tarita Silk told the TV station that police had said the baby was healthy, and had been taken to a nearby hospital for care.

UPDATE 1:00 pm EDT, 8/25/17: Late on Thursday night, Fargo Police posted the below photos of William Hoehn, 32, and Brooke Crews, 36, residents of the apartment above the unit where Savanna Greywind resided. According to the department’s Facebook post, the pair were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, a Class A felony. The newborn infant, a girl, recovered from the building was found in the apartment occupied by Hoehn and Crews.

Hoehn and Crews have not revealed any information about what happened to Greywind or where she may be now. But according to police, the suspects have confirmed that the baby found in their apartment is indeed Greywind’s child.

Crews was in the apartment when police executed a search warrant on Thursday afternoon and recovered the infant. “Our investigation thus far indicates the probability that this is Savanna Greywind’s child,” the Fargo Police said in their Facebook posting. Greywind’s family, however, confirmed that the baby was hers, and said they have named the little girl Hazley Joe.

The arrest is not the first for Hoehn, who according to a report by WDAZ TV, pleaded guilty to child abuse charges in 2011, after his own son was found to have skull fractures around his right ear. Hoehn has also faced other charges, including drug-related charges, on eight other occasions.

ORIGINAL STORY: Greywind herself remains missing. The woman is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has long brown hair, green eyes, and sports tattoos on her right leg and right foot. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt, darkly colored spandex shorts, and white sandals.

According to a report in The West Fargo Pioneer newspaper, police in nearby Grand Forks were also canvassing neighborhoods as part of the investigation into Greywind’s disappearance. But Fargo police denied reports that they were searching for four men in connection with the case.

“We are not looking for anyone. We know the whereabouts of the people mentioned in the report,” Fargo Deputy Chief Joe Anderson told the paper.

The following video news report from Valley News Live contains further details on the Savanna Greywind disappearance case.

A police spokesperson in Grand Forks said that officers there were simply responding to a request from Fargo police, and would not continue to canvass unless they received a further request from Fargo. Meanwhile, another report circulated online naming a Fargo woman with a record as a sex offender in connection with the case. But Dawn Kirby, who was convicted of having sexual relations with an underage boy, says that she doesn’t even know Greywood — and police back her up.

“There has been a lot of speculation and rumors going around regarding Dawn Kirby, who lives close to Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind. We have spoken with Ms. Kirby and have no concerns she is involved in the disappearance of Savanna,” a statement on the Fargo Police Facebook page posted on Thursday said.

Police also stated that the woman who resides in the apartment upstairs from Greywind’s residence — who may have been the person who summoned Greywind to help model a dress — is not Kirby.

Two other residents of the apartment building said that they heard unusual noises coming from a neighbor’s bathroom on the night that Greywind vanished. Christipher Miranda described the sounds as a “banging in the bathtub” and said the odd noises went on for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Police say they are treating the search for Savanna Greywind as a criminal investigation.

[Featured Image by Fargo Police Department]