‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayley Erin ‘Devastated’ By Robert Palmer Watkins’ Firing – What’s Next For Kiki?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Robert Palmer Watkins’ firing from GH as Dillon Quartermaine is hitting fans hard. Not only that, but it’s also upsetting his co-stars. Kiki Jerome portrayer Hayley Erin was on the red carpet last night at a Television Academy event and shared just how upset she is at losing her scene partner so abruptly. Michael Fairman, from On-Air On-Soaps, spoke with the actress about her disappointment at losing him.

Hayley Erin devastated to lose RPW

Erin told Fairman, in the red carpet interview, that she gets “all choked up” when thinking about how she lost her good friend and fellow GH actor. The Kiki portrayer also said Rob is “one of her closest friends” and added, “he will be missed.” Hayley Erin also said she didn’t know why he was fired but said she “didn’t want to believe it.” In fact, it was Robert that told her he was fired and called Hayley to let her know he’d been let go from General Hospital.

Actress hopes for closure as Watkins exits GH

During the recent General Hospital wedding scene, when Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) and Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) got married, Kiki caught the bouquet, and it sure seemed like Kiki and Dillon were destined to be together. In the scene (see below), Kiki was flustered and passed the bouquet over to Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez). Now it seems that whatever was planned for “Killon” will change to facilitate RPW’s exit.

Erin told Fairman, “I hope that the story is going to come together in a way for his exit that will give not only the fans but Rob and me some closure.”

GH spoilers tease new romantic interests for Kiki?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors went into overdrive once word came out last week that Robert Palmer Watkins was released from his GH contract. Much of the fan talk has been about what’s next for Kiki with Dillon exiting soon. Some have expressed hope that Kiki would wind up in a love triangle with hottie former Father Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and her crispy mom Ava Jerome (Maura West). Still, other GH fans hope that Kiki might steal Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) from troublemaker Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier).

Hayley Erin expressed that she was open to both options and said of working with the lusciously handsome Cohen that he’s so hot “it burns” to look at him, adding, “[He’s] the nicest person ever!”

Franco distracts Kiki from her Dillon woes

General Hospital spoilers promise it will be a few weeks before Dillon leaves Port Charles, but when he does, Kiki will have support from her surrogate dad Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) because she is wrapped up in the art storyline. Back when Kris Alderson played Kiki, she had more involvement in her mom Ava’s art gallery business, but Erin’s Kiki has not had the chance yet. Erin said she was excited to get to do that and said it’s fun to do “interesting and new things.”


General Hospital spoilers – the end of Killon starts soon!

GH spoilers promise that Killon will be over soon. Although the news about Robert Palmer Watkins’ firing from the ABC soap came out last week, it might be that he was released before that. Watkins was off of the GH set working on a film, so his final air date isn’t yet known. On Friday, August 25, Dillon and Kiki will discuss the state of their relationship. The Friday General Hospital spoiler is the last available info for Dillon. It could be that, much like Rebecca Budig’s exit as Hayden Barnes, Dillon drops out of sight and there’s an explanation after the fact.

There’s more GH action to come this week, plus be sure to check out the trending news on Kirsten Storms’ new boyfriend Wes and check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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