Chicken discount smackdown: Boston Market v. KFC

Free and low-cost chicken is taking the web by storm today.

Boston Market sent Googlers into a chicken frenzy today with an exclusive coupon for VIP members entitling them to a $1 chicken meal. (Click here for the printable Boston Market coupon, valid from 10/26-11/1.) The promotion is, per Boston Market, in response to KFC’s free chicken day today. KFC has declared today “Unfry day” to promote grilled chicken, prompting the Boston Market coupon. (Let’s hope this run goes more smoothly than the last riotous free chicken promo at KFC that had customers crying “bait and switch.”)

If chicken isn’t your thing or you’re too clumsy to use a knife and fork, there’s another giveaway this week that might interest you. Taco Bell is giving out free Black Jack Tacos on Halloween from 6pm until midnight if you’re not put off by black tortilla shells. Stealing your kids’ candy after they fall asleep remains free.