Loner Leaves $7.4 Million In Gold Coins To Long Lost Cousin

gold coins

Walter Samaszko Jr. didn’t have any friends or family when he passed away. So the loner left all $7.4 million of his gold coins to a distant cousin.

According to the CS Monitor, a cleaning crew working at Samaszko’s Nevada home after his death found dozens of ammunition boxes filled with gold coins. The coins came from Austria, Mexico and the United States and were worth a total of $7.4 million.

Alan Glover, the Carson City clerk and the public administrator of the estate, said that the city quickly went to work to find the loner’s heir. They found out that Samaszko Jr. had one surviving cousin, Arlene Magdanz, a substitute teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Magdanz hasn’t commented on her new fortune but officials said that she was “very surprised” to find out that she was a millionaire.

Officials don’t know what Samaszko did for a living or how he collected so many gold coins. The loner’s bank account had $1200 in it when he passed but he did have a money market and mutual fund worth a total of $165,000.

Glover said that after looking through Samaszko’s belongings and financial records it was clear that the man was not a coin colelctor, but a gold investor.

Glover said that none of the coins were “nothing spectacular ” but Samaszko had so many that the collection was worth a fortune. Samaszko had close to 3,000 coins from Austria, more than 4,000 from Mexico and a few hundred from Britain and the United States. Some of the gold coins dated back to the 1800s.

Glover told the Washington Times:

“There was every kind of coin you could think of. He was not a coin collector. He was a gold investor.”

Samaszko never got the chance to reap the benefits of his fortune but he made his long lost cousin Arlene Magdanz a millionaire.

How would you feel if your long lost loner cousin left you $7.4 million in gold coins?