Powerball Winner Carries Around Winning Numbers On $200,000 Ticket For Two Days Without Knowing She Won

With news about one winner taking home the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday, August 23, the Powerball website is also reporting stories of additional winners. Whereas more than nine million Powerball players won varying prizes worth more than $135 million from Wednesday, the grand prize winner from Massachusetts is looking at a $758,700,000 win, which equals $480,500,936.39 for the cash option. However, the Powerball website is telling the stories of other recent winners, like Amanda Poss, who says she won $200,000 in the Powerball lottery and had the ticket for two days before she realized she was a winner.

Poss said that her $3 Power Play ticket was all over the place: in her backpack, her purse, and on the counter. By Tuesday morning, Poss finally checked her Powerball ticket to see that she had matched five of the winning numbers. Poss found her husband, who was meeting with colleagues, and learned that a winning $200,000 ticket had been sold in Havelock. Poss traveled to Raleigh to the lottery headquarters and learned that she was indeed the $200,000 winner. After taxes were withheld, Poss got $139,002, and said it was the “best feeling in the world” to know that she could pay bills and treat her family to a vacation during Christmas.

Powerball winner
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As seen on the Powerball website, matching four white numbers and one red Powerball usually means a person wins $50,000 – and comes with one in 913,129.18 odds. However, since Poss also got the Power Play feature, and the 4X multiplier was drawn, she won $200,000 – making her one of the four people who won big money in the Powerball drawing on Saturday. However, those prizes, from $200,000 to $1 million, have not yet been claimed.

Other people who have won lots of money in the Powerball recently include 57-year-old Pamelia Holland, who won $50,000 via the Powerball drawing on August 12, after buying a Powerball ticket for the first time, through a Quik Pik ticket. Holland scanned the ticket and learned she won, a fact that put her in shock. Marlene Cross also recently won $100,000 from the Powerball drawing on August 5, after choosing her own winning numbers. Richard Seyer also won via the Powerball, saying his $50,000 winnings through the Missouri Lottery Powerball came after he prayed to God for help financially.

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