Redbox Instant By Verizon Launches Into Beta Testing With Mobile App Support

Redbox Instant by Verizon is preparing to take on Netflix and the company has launched a beta version of its platform to test its systems.

While the service won’t be available to Redbox’s customer base until early 2013, the program is now being tested across multiple platforms.

The program is currently available in the Google Play store for Android devices and through the Apple App store for iOS users. The app is titled “Redbox Instant” and is free to download.

Redbox confirmed the beta launch, tweeting:

“Today is the day! We’re *gradually* rolling out access to”

That tweet then pointed to a registration page for users to sign up.

The app offers a free one month trial period with unlimited streaming alongside four DVD credits which can be used at a Redbox kiosk of the user’s choosing.

Using the program, users can watch movies on their Android phone or tablet with the app, and they can also buy and rent movies (with or without a subscription). The app also allows for Redbox database searching for movies.

Once a users trial period ends, the program costs just $8 per month.

Unlike Netflix, which focuses on movies and TV shows, Redbox Instant is beginning its run with movies in mind. For $8, customers receive the instant video service and 4 DVD credits monthly.

Here’s a quick look at Redbox Instant launch:

The movie streaming space is becoming crowded, but Redbox’s focus on movies and its partnership with Epix, along with four movie rentals per month, could give Redbox the push it needs to compete.