Apple TV Being Tested In Secret, Will Eventually Debut

When it comes to the Apple TV, the tech giant is taking its time and trying different concepts in a secret location. According to a source at manufacturer Foxconn, Apple is currently testing HDTV models that range in size from 46 inches to 55 inches.

While testing might be underway, FocusTaiwan claims that a 2013 launch is not likely as the company wants to perfect an Apple TV device before it launches.

For many years, an Apple TV was considered a “hobby” project for the tech firm. However, in recent months, CEO Tim Cook has hinted at the possibility of the device. Cook has gone so far as to call current TV options antiquated and in need of an overhaul.

If information is leaking out of Foxconn, it could mean Apple is closer than ever to releasing a television. After all, the company is responsible for manufacturing Apple’s most popular devices, specifically its iPhone and iPad brands.

Moving towards a perfected TV is an important part of Apple’s strategy, one that could allow the company to directly compete with Samsung in the TV space. Apple and Samsung have been at one another’s throats for years, and an Apple TV could be the type of ammo Apple needs to further take on its Google Android-based competitor.

Apple has managed to keep every aspect of its Apple TV project a secret. There have been no leaked interface photos or videos, no word on the devices capabilities, and not even suggestions for when the product may actually launch.