Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid? It’s Fake, Says Online Detectives [Video]

Have you seen the video of the Golden Eagle as it tries to snatch a kid in Montreal? It’s an incredible video that’s been viewed more than 1 million times in less than 24 hours. It’s also fake.

The internet community was skeptical of the viral video when it was released, but it looks like there is finally proof that the video is fake.

A new video of the eagle trying to snatch the kid has been put on YouTube, but this video plays in slow motion to show how some of the images don’t match up.

YouTube user Cyatek, who admits that he has no life and had nothing better to do than to prove that the video was fake, writes:

“Very well done CGI i must say. But it’s all it is, computer effects.”

Cyatek writes that there are a few things that prove that the video is a fake.

  • Around the 13 second mark, the eagle’s shadow disappears.
  • A close up of the video shows that the eagle doesn’t appear to actually be making contact with the baby.
  • Despite the lack of contact, the baby continues to rise up in the air.

Here’s the original video. Can you tell that the video is fake?

Here’s the video slowed down by Cyatek.

What do you think? Did the eagle actually try to snatch the kid? Is there enough proof to call this video a hoax?

The proof video may debunk the viral video, but, then again, it may not. Camera stabilization can often lead to distorted effects, which may explain why the baby’s movements don’t match up with the eagles. Of course, others argue that the video was purposefully taken with a shaken camera to make it harder for the viewer to determine the video’s authenticity.

Here’s another look at the video.

So, did the eagle try to snatch a kid in Montreal? Is it a fake?