WWE Rumors: Two Huge ‘SmackDown’ Stars Reportedly Ask For Their Release From WWE — Rusev And Lana Want Out

After SummerSlam, it’s rather difficult to say that you didn’t see this one coming, but rumor has it that both Rusev and Lana have asked for their release from WWE. The real-life couple was split after being moved to SmackDown Live earlier this year, and they’ve essentially been buried after that. Lana received a new gimmick but has failed miserably in the women’s division while Rusev has just been able to do nothing.

Late on Wednesday evening, Billi Bhatti of The Dirty Sheets reported that Rusev and Lana have indeed both asked for their release from the company. There have been rumors for quite a while now, but it seems as if all of the information is starting to leak out and the majority of it took place at the August 15 episode of SmackDown Live.

Bhatti is reporting that Rusev had a “major altercation” with the creative team about how he and Lana have been booked lately. Things apparently got so heated between everyone that it took Brian James (Road Dogg) to step in and smooth things over.

Randy Orton, who defeated Rusev in nine seconds at SummerSlam, is said to be a good friend of Rusev and reportedly supports his decision to ask for his release. The rumors of Rusev wanting to leave have been swirling, but this news of him getting in a big fight with the creative team has just come about.

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Rusev was out of action earlier this year and returned in July after speculation that he was on his way out of WWE. Since then, he has lost a Flag Match to John Cena at Battleground, had no real direction, and was then squashed by Orton at SummerSlam.

Speaking of Orton, PW Mania reports that he is also unhappy with his position on Team Blue and has asked to be moved to Monday Night Raw.

There is no real apparent heat on Rusev backstage and he hasn’t done anything wrong, but he’s simply angry with how they’re being booked. Lana was moved into the women’s division and has done nothing but lose every time she steps into the ring.

As rumors of the couple asking for their WWE release has started making the rounds, fans have started asking Lana if they are true. She’s actually responded to a few people on Twitter to speak her mind on everything.

Even though Lana has tried to squash these rumors on Twitter, they had to come from somewhere. She certainly isn’t going to fan the flames and get them growing bigger if she and Rusev are stuck in contracts because that would only bury them further. Right now, the rumors going around are that the couple has asked for their release from WWE, but it will be interesting to see their positions on SmackDown Live in the coming weeks.

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