Mysterious Walt Disney World Park Tickets Are Appearing On My Disney Experience Accounts — Here’s Why

walt disney world park tickets my experience accounts glitch

Buying Walt Disney World park tickets can be quite expensive, and that makes finding an extra one something to get excited about, but things aren’t always what they seem. On Wednesday afternoon, a number of guests were shocked to find extra park tickets of all kinds on their My Disney Experience accounts. Many took to Facebook groups and social media to find out what was going on and why they received these tickets, but it ended up being nothing to get worked up about.

As Wednesday went on, a number of Facebook groups such as I’m So Disney had members curious about park tickets showing up mysteriously on their My Disney Experience account. All of those questioning the issue weren’t quite sure how the tickets got there, but they were surely happy about them.

Well, before trying to use those tickets, everyone needs to realize that they aren’t really there.

It appears as if a very strange glitch showed up on Wednesday that started adding tickets to the My Disney Experience accounts of some guests. Making things even stranger is that the tickets usually only showed up on the mobile app and not when accessing the account via the actual website.

walt disney world park tickets my experience accounts glitch

The really interesting thing is that there were different types of tickets showing up on accounts, but they were almost always 1-Day park tickets. Some of them were for Peak times of year and others had the “Hopper” option added onto them. Almost all of the mystery tickets had a “Valid Thru” date of Dec. 31, 2018.

Upon calling the Disney Reservation Center, cast members on the phone were able to research and find that the tickets did not exist on their end. A 10-year supervisor did advise that this was a glitch that Disney is aware of and that the tickets would disappear shortly.

Another supervisor at the Transportation & Ticket Center (TTC) at Walt Disney World advised that guests should not attempt to use the tickets. Even though they are showing up on their account, the tickets will not grant access to any theme parks as they were not purchased and have no value.

The supervisor at TTC did state that all guests should go to the “Help Center” on the official website of Walt Disney World for help in linking park tickets to their account. This is the only way that tickets will appear and be valid on your My Disney Experience.

walt disney world park tickets my experience accounts glitch

Some of this could have to do with the updates made yesterday to the My Disney Experience app. As shown on iTunes, the new “Version 4.8” update now allows guests to check their remaining dining credits and even how much they have charged to their resort rooms.

Either way, Disney states this glitch will be fixed soon and no matter what, the mysterious park tickets can’t be used. If you see these tickets appear on your account, please note that they have no value. It’s not happening to everyone, but a lot of people have experienced it.

Walt Disney World tickets are always something that makes people happy as having them in your possession means you’re going to soon have a lot of fun. You can understand the surprise and brief moment of excitement when guests looked on their My Disney Experience account to see some extra tickets there. Sure, many of them may not have been close enough to even trying to use them, but it wouldn’t have mattered as they are only just a glitch anyway.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]