‘This Is Us’ Season 2 First Look: Rebecca Tells Randall How Jack Talked Her Into Adopting Him [Video]

This Is Us fans have been waiting for months for a first look at the upcoming second season of the show, and now they finally have it. NBC posted an exclusive sneak peek at This Is Us’ second season on the official This Is Us YouTube channel. The scene shows a grown up Randall (Sterling K. Brown) talking to his 60-something-year-old mother Rebecca (a prosthetic-enhanced Mandy Moore) about his wife Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) hesitation to adopt a child.

In the long-awaited first look at the new season of the hit NBC drama, viewers will see that it was the late Pearson patriarch, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), who talked an extremely hesitant Rebecca into adopting baby Randall when he was found on the steps of a fire station on the same day that the couple lost one of their triplets during childbirth.

In the sneak peek scene, Randall tells his mother that his wife Beth is not on board with his plan to adopt a third child, and he asks his mom point blank, “How did you decide with me?”

While Rebecca initially says they knew right away that they wanted to adopt him, Randall squashes the fairy tale and interrogates her further. That’s when we get a flashback scene—complete with scruffy 1980s Jack—as Rebecca tells the true (and difficult) story to her now 37-year-old son.

The flashback scene shows a clearly grieving Rebecca in the maternity ward shortly after losing her third baby, as Jack tries to convince her that the abandoned newborn is meant to be their son.

“He pushed a stranger me,” Rebecca admits to Randall. “And that stranger became my child. He became you.”

Earlier this month, TV Line revealed that This Is Us will pick up with a bit of a time jump for the present day scenes, on the Big Three’s (Pearson siblings Randall, Kevin, and Kate) 37th birthday, and this scene fits in that timeframe. But in the flashback scenes, the show will pick up the day after Season 1’s devastating finale, which ended with Jack and Rebecca’s blowout fight and the decision for him to move out to give their marriage “some air.”

You can see the first look at This is Us Season 2 below.

[Featured Image by Ron Batzdorff/NBC]