‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted On Thursday Night In Vote Tally, Fans Hope For ‘BB19’ Jury House Footage

BB19 spoilers now confirm who is getting evicted on Thursday night (August 24). These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers stem from comments made on the CBS live feeds, setting the stage for a unanimous eviction vote. Though Mark Jansen had been pushing hard to try to instigate a voting flip in the house, he won’t come close to pulling off the impossible this week.

Alex Ow, Jason Dent, Raven Walton, Josh Martinez, Kevin Schlehuber, and Paul Abrahamian are all ready to vote against Mark Jansen. He is on the block beside Matthew Clines, who has started to draw the disdain of several other houseguests, but Matt is in no real danger of getting sent to the BB19 jury house this week. He is in the right position at the right time, but he will need to make bold game moves very soon.

As previous Big Brother 19 news by the Inquisitr expounds upon, Matt Clines is getting viewed as a floater, not just by people inside of the BB19 house but also by CBS viewers and live feed subscribers. It could be his plan to simply lay low for a while, but the assumption by several other houseguests is that he is throwing away the chance at $500,000 for his showmance with Raven Walton. That could hurt him later on this summer.

Regarding the upcoming eviction vote, these BB19 spoilers have become obvious due to how Paul Abrahamian is running the house. Paul has worked up alliances with everyone other than Mark Jansen, making this the last major obstacle in his quest for the money. During Big brother 18, Paul came up just short against Nicole Franzel, who the other houseguests awarded the $500,000 during the season finale.

If Paul was writing a script for how he wanted the BB19 cast to do things over the past two weeks, it would mirror what has just taken place. Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen will have been evicted in order, bringing an end to two showmances and leaving only people who like Paul Abrahamian in the house. Each new installment of Big Brother 19 spoilers seems to take him one step closer to making the final two again.

Meanwhile, fans of the show are posting on social media that they would like to see some early footage of the BB19 jury house. There won’t be that much drama taking place there yet, though, as Cody Nickson and Elena Davies get along pretty well. Mark Jansen, who is about to join them after an unfortunate and unanimous eviction vote, also likes both of them. The drama won’t come until someone joins the trio that wasn’t too friendly with them. Like maybe Josh Martinez or Alex Ow.

Following Mark’s eviction on Thursday night, a new Head of Household Competition will take place, with a lot of pressure on the final eight contestants to take the power. Paul Abrahamian threw the last HOH to Christmas Abbott so that he could play this week, so look for him to push hard to take the power and craft the nominations in a way that will benefit him. The coming weekend will be packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers, especially if someone new wins the power and makes some unpredictable game moves.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]