WWE News: John Cena May Take Time To Star With Kevin Hart In New ‘Knight Rider’ Reboot Movie

It appears that WWE superstar John Cena is heading for bigger Hollywood movie roles, which could mean more time away from the wrestling ring. The latest reports and WWE rumors are suggesting that Cena might take on another role in a film that involves talking vehicles. Cena’s already been pegged as the lead in a future Transformers movie that focuses on a specific car. Now, it looks like he may be a part of another reboot project that’s currently in the works in Hollywood involving a talking car named KITT.

According to a report from Screen Rant on Monday, John Cena is being eyed as the lead in a movie based on the popular television show Knight Rider. It’s rumored that Cena could play the role of Michael, which was held by actor David Hasselhoff in the original TV show. The show followed Michael on his adventures, which involved a talking “smart car” named KITT. For the reboot movie project, it’s being rumored that comedian and actor Kevin Hart could take on the role of the car’s voice. That could certainly lead to some hilarious moments as Cena interacts with the car and Hart throws one-liners his way via the car’s voice.

John Cena may be rushing to bigger Hollywood roles

As mentioned, Cena is already on board for the lead role in a Transformers spinoff movie called Bumblebee. The film will cover the tale of the popular yellow Autobots car that appeared in the various Transformers films from Michael Bay. Previous installments in the series starred Shia LeBeouf and Mark Wahlberg in the lead roles. Other possible actors in the movie would include singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld, as well as Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film is scheduled for a release on December 21, 2018, while the Knight Rider film has yet to be officially announced or given a release date.

However, if it’s also a 2018 film release, it could make for a busy year for the man behind the “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” tag line. Cena just moved over to the WWE Raw brand and has already been inserted into what appears to be an upcoming feud with Samoa Joe and possibly Roman Reigns. Various sportsbooks that offer odds on the 2018 edition of the Royal Rumble, as well as who will be champion at WrestleMania 34 next year, already have Cena listed amongst the top choices. Roman Reigns is also near the top of those betting odds lists. It’s possible Cena could simply take time off and make a surprise comeback in order to participate in the bigger events, but one has to wonder if he is moving toward leaving the WWE within the next year or so.

Dwyane The Rock Johnson has moved from WWE to movies

John Cena seems to be making that move toward bigger roles, though. He was previously part of the films Trainwreck and Daddy’s Home in smaller roles. Both of these films did reasonably well and seem like they’ve helped him gain attention for some more prominent roles. These two latest reported reboots would feature Cena trying to take on the lead, something he’d mainly done for WWE Studios films like The Marine and 12 Rounds. One has to think John Cena is transitioning his professional wrestling career toward more of a Hollywood career like Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, with the occasional big appearance at the major pay-per-views. However, his box-office drawing power may be what causes more film executives to ask or pass on John Cena when it comes to big films.

The Rock has seemed to do well in his major Hollywood roles, although he’d probably like to forget about that Baywatch reboot for now. Will John Cena be able to produce anywhere near The Rock’s level of box-office success outside the wrestling ring?

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