Chicago Prison Break Leaves Two Men At Large

Chicago, IL – Two men broke out of a federal prison in Chicago on Tuesday. The men appeared to borrow a scene from a Hollywood movie when they tied either bed sheets or rope together and shimmied out a window and down about 20 stories to reach the sidewalk.

The federal inmates from the Chicago prison escape are considered armed and dangerous. Local police Sergeant Michael Lazarro stated that the disappearance of the inmates was discovered at approximately 8:45 Tuesday morning, according to CBS News. Joseph Banks and Kenneth Conley were reportedly checked on four hours prior to the prison break. The Huffington Post refers to the escaped convicted as bank robbers.

Law enforcement investigators reportedly found a broken window and fake metal bars inside Banks and Conley’s jail cell. The federal prison cots were stuffed with sheets and clothing to resemble a body in an apparent attempt to deflect attention during the escape. The prison break comes about a week after Banks “vowed retribution” during his last court appearance. Conley reportedly pleaded guilty in the charges pending against him.

The Chicago inmates were allegedly spotted in the downtown area and various other places in the Windy City. An FBI release notes that the federal prison inmates were also spotted in the southwestern suburb of Tinley Park.

Although the escaped prisoners were adorned in orange jump suits when they were broke out of their cell, authorities believe they may now be wearing white t-shirts, white athletic shoes, and gray sweat pants. Some Chicago schools were locked down after the prison escape.