WWE Rumors: Real Reason Why Jinder Mahal Retained the WWE Championship At ‘Summerslam 2017’

The outcome of WWE Championship at the Summerslam 2017 shocked the WWE Universe to the core. While handing over the title to Shinsuke Nakamura so early in his career was debatable, no one expected Jinder Mahal to retain the title. The king of strong style lost his first ever title match to Jinder Mahal. However, it appears that the real reason for Jinder Mahal retaining the title had nothing to do with Jinder Mahal or Shinsuke Nakamura.

Baron Corbin’s downfall led to the rise of Jinder Mahal. As reported by SportsKeeda, the recent decision to de-push Baron Corbin resulted in the surprising outcome on Sunday. The original plan was to let Shinsuke Nakamura emerge victorious at Summerslam. Baron Corbin was to cash in the Money in the Bank’s contract immediately. Jinder Mahal was to be completely taken out of the title picture. It is rumored that this was the prime reason that Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura barely interacted on TV.

The unexpected decision by WWE officials is rumored to be due to Baron Corbin’s theatrics on Twitter. He has been involved in a bitter Twitter rivalry with Mojo Rawley, Nikki Bella, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, and even an army veteran. It is rumored that he also blocked some WWE officials on Twitter. Corbin was speculated to become the Champion by the end of the year before officials decided to scrap the plans.

Jinder Mahal Retained the Championship at summerslam

Interestingly, the SmackDown Live writer, Road Dogg denied the fact that Baron Corbin was buried due to his antics on Twitter, as reported by Wrestling Inc. Notably, Corbin is only the third person in history to unsuccessfully cash in the MIB contract and win the title. It is entirely possible that Corbin’s Twitter feuds were making the company look bad and the officials decided to give Corbin some attitude adjustment before again giving him a big push.

Even until the afternoon on Sunday, the plans were to end the match in DQ. However, Rumors indicate that an entire piece of positive coverage by New York Times on Jinder Mahal resulted in the decision for Mahal to beat Nakamura via pinfall. In the coming months, the feud between Mahal and Nakamura will be extended to Hell in A Cell. It is believed that the WWE Championship will change hands at the event.

Baron Corbin was taken out of title picture due to his twitter battles

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