Ivanka Cheated On Jared? ‘Breitbart’ Editor Alex Marlow: Best Conspiracy On Internet Is Jared Is A Cuckold

The internet email prankster known as @SINON_REBORN on Twitter fooled Alex Marlow, the Breitbart editor-in-chief, into thinking he was Steve Bannon. As a result, @SINON_REBORN, who goes by “Email Prankster” on Twitter, shared his emails with CNN, and the fallout from what Marlow revealed is going viral. As seen in the tweet below, which the prankster recreated for his Twitter followers, the emails provided to CNN show Marlow going back and forth with the prankster as if he’s chatting with Bannon. Among the stranger “revelations” the prankster wrote about in the emails joked about President Donald Trump decanting wine through First Lady Melania Trump’s pantyhose, with the prankster misspelling the word pantyhose.

Joel Pollak, the senior editor-at-large at Breitbart News, who wrote that Breitbart would be going to “war” with the Trump administration after Bannon left the White House, as reported by the Inquisitr, is also featured in the prankster’s emails. Pollak wrote that nobody can figure out what Ivanka and Jared do in the White House, but he wasn’t as chatty with the prankster as Alex. Instead, after the prankster waxed on about Jared’s hair appearing like that of a Lego man, and Ivanka appearing “permanently sympathetic” — along with “Javanka” making fine undertakers — Joel wrote that he tried calling Bannon but wasn’t sure if Steve had the same phone number.

Marlow, however, allegedly wrote email replies to the prankster that are the most popular of his pranks. When the prankster asked Marlow if he thought Jared and Ivanka could get kicked out of the White House by Christmas, Marlow replied that if the duo were as evil as “Bannon” claimed, “Javanka” could indeed leave the White House “by end of year.”

The @SINON_REBORN Twitter prankster went on to make up the crazy story about President Trump pouring wine through Melania’s stockings, and that’s when Marlow spilled the beans about the “best looking dude” in his high school, who went on to play for the Yankees. Marlow claimed that the “dude” defended R. Kelly’s golden shower antics to him, and that’s when Marlow knew that people who reach a certain amount of fame play by different rules.

Marlow quipped that Ivanka and Jared were high off of smelling gold lame and power. However, Marlow’s claim that the biggest conspiracy on the internet was that Ivanka cuckolded Jared has Twitter folks claiming they had to look up the word cuckold. Marlow may have been referring to the buzz that happened when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited D.C., and buzz around the web surrounded how Ivanka allegedly stared at him, as reported by the Guardian. As seen in the photo above, Trudeau helped Ivanka with her chair at a roundtable discussion at the White House on February 13.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]