More Players Of ‘The Division’ Eligible For Leaderboard Masks As The First Global Event Ends

The first Global Event for Tom Clancy’s The Division is now concluded on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Global Event Outbreak let players earn Global Event tokens from missions, Dark Zone combat, and other activities in the game. These Global Event credits can be spent on new Global Event caches featuring Classified Gear set pieces and a chance at exotic loot.

Outbreak is over after just a week of fighting back the virus that permeates New York as noted on The Division game’s Twitter. Players can no longer earn Global Event currency and the leaderboards for Outbreak are closed. The new leaderboards for the game are heavily entwined with Global Events like Outbreak. Players earn a spot on the leaderboards by earning Global Event tokens. A player’s best one-hour session of earning the special credits is recorded on the leaderboards.

Ranking on the leaderboard in The Division during a Global Event is the only way to earn new vanity masks. As the Inquisitr reported, many players were disappointed to see the new vanity slot items locked behind the event and its leaderboard. Developers of the game acknowledged this concern and started taking feedback on other ways to earn masks.

The Division game's first Global Event is ended

Although masks are currently only obtained from leaderboard ranking right now, developers of the game did loosen the requirements to earn them. When the Global Event first started, only the top 50 percent of players would earn a mask at all. The day before Outbreak ended, each leaderboard tier was expanded to offer more players a chance at receiving a vanity mask.

The new percentages for leaderboard tiers were announced on the game’s official forums. By the time Outbreak was over, the first tier rewarding one vanity mask extended to the top 85 percent of players that earned a spot on the leaderboard. The second tier rewards two masks for players in the top 30 percent to 11 percent of players. The final tier, which rewards three masks, is now open to the top 10 percent over just the top five percent as previously required.

The Division leaderboards reward more players with vanity masks

With the first Global Event over, players of The Division can log in now to accept their reward if they are eligible for one. The next Global Event will introduce new Classified Gear sets and feature a different type of challenge for agents in The Division.

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