University Of Michigan Football Team Will Unveil New Jerseys At BCS Outback Bowl

The University of Michigan has announced that it will unveil brand new uniforms in the BCS College Football Outback Bowl on January.

Michigan’s new look jersey will be white with blue across the shoulder and going down the sleeves. The helmets will look roughly the same but with a navy matte finish. On the inside neck of the jersey the phrase, “It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine” will be printed.

USA Todayquotes Michigan’s star quarterback, Denard Robinson:

“I love them. We only saw a photo of them early in the year, but I think they look even better.”

Senior Michigan Safety Jordan Kovacs added:

“We enjoy wearing unique uniforms for special games, and that’s what it is for us seniors and this team. It will be fun going out and playing for Michigan one last time in these uniforms.”

After the Outback Bowl Michigan will auction off the new helmets and a limited number of new jerseys. The proceeds will go towards community service initiatives supported by Michigan’s players.

It’s important though that Michigan not forget about the upcoming game. Robinson points out:

“It will be fun, but we know we’re going to Tampa to play a football game and a great team in South Carolina, so we have to stay focused.”

The University of Michigan Wolverines finished the regular season at 8-4 and come into the Outback Bowl as underdogs to 10-2 North Carolina.

New jerseys and helmets don’t guarantee wins; preparation, motivation and determination do, and there will be plenty of motivation for Michigan. A win in the Outback Bowl would mean back to back nine win seasons, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since the 2006-2007 seasons.

Here is a picture of the front of Michigan’s new jerseys.

University of Michigan's new uniforms.

Do you like the new look for the University of Michigan football program?