'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Paul Turns 'BB19' Twosomes Against Each Other -- Live Feeds Updates

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds on Monday and the past few days show that Paul Abrahamian continued to effectively herd the sheeple in the BB19 house toward the goal of taking him to the end so he can win despite his insistence to everyone that he can't prevail in the game. It's masterful to see a guy who came into BB18 knowing little of the game, to now be running the house and creeping closer to a Big Brother 19 win. Monday's live feeds show Paul has the three twosomes jockeying to do his bidding.

Paul's winsome ways may prove unstoppable in BB19

Over the last few days, the CBS live feeds have shown Paul running back and forth between Alex and Jason, Christmas and Josh, and Matthew and Raven to point the duos at one another, effectively keeping himself out of the line of fire. This Big Brother 19 juggernaut could go all the way unless the lines of communication open up. On Monday afternoon's BB19 feeds, Paul did some cam talking, and he seemed willing to take either Josh and Christmas to the end with him or Matthew and Raven. However, he wants Alex and Jason gone, according to his latest moves.
Other BB19 spoilers show that a little before 5 p.m. on Monday, Paul let Josh know that he's convinced Matt to go after Jason and Alex. Josh says if Matt doesn't do it, he will. Paul has two of the duos focused on the third with Alex and Jason as eviction targets next to go after Mark. A few hours later, Paul solidified with Christmas her commitment to go after Alex and Jason. Christmas lambasted Alex's ties to Cody as an excuse, and Paul encouraged her. Christmas also told Paul that her head hasn't been clear because of her pain meds.

Alex set up for blindside orchestrated by Paul

At about midnight on Monday, the Big Brother live feeds show Alex telling Jason that Paul has not wronged them. Meanwhile, Paul has also convinced Alex that Kevin is gunning for her so that she's looking at Kevin and won't see the raptors coming at her from both sides - i.e., Matt and Raven plus Christmas and Josh. Paul's BB19 game is pretty solid right now. Everyone is looking at each other, and no one is looking at Paul seriously, even though there are sparse conversations and concerns here and there about Paul winning Big Brother.

Watching Paul work the rooms in the BB19 house feels like a master class in manipulation on most days, according to live feed watchers. If you flashback on the Big Brother live feeds to 12:20 a.m. this morning, you will see Paul telling Alex to encourage Matt and Raven to go after Kevin than doing so herself. Paul also artfully questioned Alex on whether she thinks she could beat her pal Jason in a final two since he's well-liked and about to be a new dad with the big baby news that came this week. Paul is planting seeds all over the house.

Paul's game could blow up easily, but will it?

If the Big Brother lines of communication opened up just a little, Paul's game would be blown, and he for sure would be out of the BB19 house. All it would take is for Alex and Kevin to have an honest conversation, or Christmas and Alex, or anyone in the house without Paul being around to control the talk. None of the Big Brother houseguests have figured out that Paul is the conduit for the information that points them at certain targets. If the house got together for a frank talk, Paul's game would explode instantly.

Paul is telling all of his final three partners (i.e., the three duos) that he cannot beat them at the end because he's a veteran and his repeating this mantra seems to have drilled it into their heads as fact. Big Brother Network's report on the live feeds shows that despite Paul's assurances to the minions in the house that he cannot win, he can. Paul was cam talking (see an hour of Paul opening up about his game from about 1:45-2:45 a.m. on the BB19 flashback feature) and said he came to win and loves the game.

With no changes, Paul is on track to win Big Brother

With Mark an assured lock on Friday's live eviction, unless something shifts in the BB19 house drastically, it seems that the game should kick into high gear with the next HoH when the allies finally have to turn on one another. All the easy targets will be out of the house, and now it's time to get real blood on their hands. As of now, it still seems like Paul is on track to win BB19 unless these twosomes talk about Paul without Paul around -- perhaps when he's in the Diary Room.

If nothing changes, Paul's minions will carry him to the end. As of now, it seems that Paul would be satisfied with Alex or Jason going out next to split the comp-winning pals apart. Do you think Paul is unstoppable, or is it just a matter of time before his Big Brother game blows up in his face? And if Paul does make it to F2, will the jury appreciate his game play and award him the half-million or vote against him because he was secretly betraying them all? Stay tuned for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]