‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Derrick On Special Friday Episode, ‘BB19’ HoH And Nominations As Live Feeds Dark

Belynda Gates Turner - Author

Aug. 18 2017, Updated 12:07 p.m. ET

Big Brother 19 spoilers for tonight’s special Friday episode of BB19 at 8 p.m. reveal that the special guest coming to the house is Big Brother season 16 winner, Derrick Levasseur. The live feeds went down Thursday night before the live double eviction that sent Cody and Elena packing and will not be back up until midnight on the East Coast and 9 p.m. Pacific after the West Coast airing of the special Friday, August 18 episode. Here’s what you can expect from the special Friday show airing tonight at 8 p.m. and Derrick’s appearance back in the Big Brother house.

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BB19 HoH comp and nominations already happened

Usually, by this time, Big Brother spoilers from the CBS live feeds have already revealed the current week’s HoH, and then the nomination ceremony happens on Friday at some point. All that is still taking place now, but alongside these expected events is what was taped for tonight’s clip show. Each season, there’s a clip show to fill an extra episode on Friday night. In BB18, the clip show was made with a carnival theme, and it featured the guest star, Mr. Pec-tacular (Jessie Godderz), and a performance in the BB backyard by Ziggy Marley.

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Last year’s Big Brother clip show also allowed the houseguests to win cash prizes ranging from a quarter up to $500. There was also a pie-eating contest to decide the next batch of Have-Nots. Buddy TV recapped last year’s clip show and said the HoH comp began at the end of the carnival after the houseguests were well fed and sluggish. We might see the same thing in BB19 tonight, but all was filmed during the day today, so once the live feeds come back up tonight, we’ll know the HoH for this week, as well as the nominees.

What will Derrick do with the houseguests?

It’s doubtful that Derrick will show up at the Big Brother 19 house to get dunked in a tank as Mr. Pec-tacular did. In fact, some BB19 fans speculate that the undercover cop might treat the BB19 HGs to a lecture on their behavior. All season long, Derrick has been vocal on Twitter about the aggro behavior in the Big Brother house. Derrick tweeted on live eviction night this week that it’s “time to get back in this house” after seeing the events and antics that many this season have termed “bullying.”

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Derrick also mocked Raven’s antics tweeting he had a “gastroparesis parade to get to” on August 10. The cop and past Big Brother winner has been critical of some of the houseguests’ behavior and has shared his thoughts on social media. Other BB19 fans have questioned Derrick’s planned appearance on tonight’s show.

In the Big BrotherReddit forum, one fan asked, “Does anyone else think its a little iffy/strange that Derrick has been commenting on this season publicly and is now going in the house?”

Another Reddit-or asked, “Do you think they’re bringing Derrik in to do some damage control? Hoping his likeability will neutralize some of the toxicity that the viewers are so frustrated about?”

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Others are hoping Derrick is there to quell some of the nastiness sharing, “I can’t believe they let Derrick into the house to give his dad’s Bullies Reality seminar to the houseguests. I’m SHOOK!”

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Another wrote on Reddit about their hoped-for scenario.

Blockquote open

“Hello houseguests, if you don’t already know me, I’m Derrick Levasseur from s- GET PAUL OUT NOW HE’S RUNNING THE SHOW YOU FOO- [feed cut].”

- Blockquote close
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A few hours ago, another Reddit user said, “with the amount that we’ve heard from Derrick about how much he hates the personal shit going on in the house, with feeds down for 27 hours, there’s a decent chance that when we come back, the HGs are going to be much nicer people for the sake of feeds.”

It’s likely we will not see all of what went down with Derrick and the houseguests since there should be an event, Derrick’s visit, and part of the HoH comp that all air tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on Big Brother 19, August 18.

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Zingbot in the BB19 house

Other Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Zingbot was spotted at the BB19 house, so there’s a chance that Derrick might have hosted the insult-a-tron’s appearance. However, Zingbot usually appears during one of the regular Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday shows, so it seems a long shot we’ll see Zingbot on the Friday special. That doesn’t mean that Derrick wasn’t there for Zingbot and something else, but we just don’t know yet if the two coincide.

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Many BB19 fans shared on Twitter that they hope Zingbot calls out the “sheep” following Paul around the house and the houseguests are taken to task for allowing the veteran to control the game tightly. Could it be that Zingbot blows up Paul’s Big Brother game when Jessica and Cody failed to do so? We’ll find out soon. Check back often for more BB19 spoilers and tune into tonight for the special episode of Big Brother 19 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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