Passenger Forced To Sit In Someone Else’s Urine Or ‘Wee’ On Flight, Claims Unhappy Flyer

An 11-hour flight wasn’t a pleasant journey for a British man who went to take his seat on board a British Airways’ flight and noticed it was wet. At first, the passenger thought it was water but the smell indicated it couldn’t be anything else but urine, the passenger told reporters.

Andrew Wilkinson, 39, of London did what most passengers would do if they were presented with a wet seat, which was to request another one from the airline attendant. Wilkinson claims the flight attendant was very nice at first and she agreed with him that it was indeed urine soaked into the seat. She then said she would see what she could do for him, according to Fox News.

The attendant returned with some wipes and handed them to the now rather astonished Wilkinson. By handing him those wipes, she was insinuating that he would clean the seat himself. He pleaded with the attendant saying, “You are obviously going to move me into business, aren’t you? I can’t really sit here.”

She wasn’t going to move him, so he made the best of it by sitting on a blanket to keep himself safe from another person’s bodily fluid on that seat. This was an 11-hour flight from London to Cape Town, South Africa, and after a while, the urine had soaked through the blanket and onto his pants.

He requested another blanket from the attendant, but one never materialized. At one point, the attendant said to him “You are going to work me hard on this flight aren’t you?” According to Wilkinson, he felt “blown-off” when he asked for a second blanket from the attendant.

Wilkinson said that by the end of the flight “I could feel it seeping into my jeans.” Apparently, they offered up something for his trouble, which didn’t sit well with Wilkinson. Because of the incident, he was awarded 5,000 Avios points, which allows him to book flights using rewards. He said “I just don’t think this is good enough compensation for sitting in someone’s wee for over 11 hours. ”

According to the New York Post, Wilkinson said that he had paid $1,600 for the flight. British Airways did address this incident in a released statement. They said the following.

“We were very concerned to hear about this and have been in touch with our customer to apologize and make amends.”

“The cleanliness of our aircraft is of the utmost importance to us and our planes are cleaned thoroughly after every flight.” The statement continued, “We also perform frequent spot checks to make sure our cleaners are maintaining our high standards.”

[Featured Image by Alexey Y. Petrov/Shutterstock]