Kate Middleton News: Duchess Rushed To Hospital, Could It Be For A Bout Of Morning Sickness Again?

Kate Middleton was reportedly rushed to the hospital last week, where she remained overnight before being released. The Duchess of Cambridge was taken to King Edward VII Hospital, which is the very same medical facility that the royal stayed when she was admitted for hyperemesis gravidarum -- or morning sickness -- in December of 2012 while Kate was pregnant with Prince George, as Yahoo Lifestyle reminds.

This recent visit, in particular, involved an overnight stay, while Kate's mother, Carole, helped to look after Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The previous stay was a full three days, after which Middleton emerged carrying a yellow bouquet of flowers.

Although the duchess experienced terrible morning sickness with Princess Charlotte as well, she was treated at home. It's been reported by royal reps that Middleton is "doing much better," which is of main importance, regardless as to the reason for her stay.

Yet, it is easy to speculate that, given Middleton's track record, the beauty just may have sought medical assistance for morning sickness once more. As it is, Kensington Palace is keeping quiet regarding the reason for Kate's hospital visit.

There have been ongoing rumors about Prince William and Kate Middleton expanding their beautiful family to include another, or even several more, little ones. Last month, however, the focus was on a strange open letter coming to the royal couple from San Francisco that urged them not to have a third child.

As the Independent notes, the open letter asked that Middleton and her prince keep their family small, citing " climate change" and "poverty," and encouraged the prince and princess to "model a small, sustainable family."

The letter was written by Carter Dillard and executive director Anne Green of the Having Kids organization out of San Francisco, and it was a response to Kate Middleton talking publicly about "more babies" during her visit to Poland alongside Prince William.

Kate and William were gifted with a toy during their visit which was suited for a newborn and therefore resulted in the following response from the duchess.

"We will just have to have more babies."

Additionally, rumors suggested that Prince William and Middleton were going to wait to have another child until after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get their time in the spotlight on their wedding day.

Yet, this mysterious hospital visit suggests there is a chance that Middleton may be expecting despite the rumors to the contrary.

[Featured Image by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images]