'Alaskan Bush People' Remains In California: Check Out Their Latest Photos

The Brown family of the Alaskan Bush People are reportedly moving to Colorado, but recent fan photos reveal they remain in California, even staying at a luxury hotel. Here's what we know so far.

In last week's episode of Alaskan Bush People, Ami, Billy, and their seven grown children were discussing a new chapter of their lives. They had shut down their homestead in Alaska, but Billy said they cannot live in California. They took a map and decided to build their new Browntown in Colorado.

Last week, there have been reports that the Browns were in Las Vegas and were traveling to Colorado. Apparently, there was some mixed information, and ABP Exposed reported that the family remains in California for now. New fan photos also emerged revealing that they are still in the area as Ami continues with her cancer treatment at UCLA Medical Center.

One of the photos featured Bear and Billy, and it seems to have been taken at Beverly Hills Hotel based on the location tag. Rain also took a Snapchat of Gabe getting a facial in the said hotel, which ABP Exposed posted on their Facebook page. Meanwhile, a fan spotted Matt Brown yesterday in West Los Angeles and shared their photo on Instagram.

There's another photo of Rain and Gabe on Snapchat that was posted on Matt Brown Facebook fan page. Noah and Rhain were photographed at San Diego Zoo, in which they were slammed for not staying with the family amid Ami's deadly battle with lung cancer.


Meanwhile, Alaskan Bush People is reportedly going to start filming for Season 8. There is no official confirmation yet for the next season, but reports say it was Ami's decision to continue with the show. When they were discussing their move to Colorado, Ami even exclaimed that they should go have some fun.

However, there are rumors that the family would not be complete in filming Alaskan Bush People Season 8. Gabe reportedly opted out because he does not want to be on the show anymore. His recent Instagram post is the closest confirmation yet because he sounded like bidding good bye. He thanked the Discovery network and the show's producers for sharing their adventures with the world.


[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]