‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 20 Episode, ‘BB19’ Cast Has A New HOH

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Aug. 20 2017, Updated 6:17 p.m. ET

This Big Brother 19 recap presents spoilers from the August 20 episode. Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur showed up on a “special” Friday night episode back on August 18. Toward the end of what turned out to be a clip episode, the next Head of Household Competition was about to begin. The winner of that HOH and the introduction of the new temptation twist highlight the Big Brother 19 spoilers being revealed here. This Episode 26 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Sunday, August 20, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alex Ow was the Head of Household last week and she set in motion a plan to finally get Cody Nickson out of the BB19 house for good. They did get to that point, but it turned out to be a double eviction week. Jason Dent won the Head of Household during the August 17 episode, setting his sights on getting Elena Davies evicted. He also succeeded, with Cody and Elena becoming the first two members of the BB19 jury.

The August 20 Big Brother 19 recap picks up after the “previously on Big Brother” segment came to an end. Episode 26 began with a head-to-head HOH Competition, with each match eliminating someone from the tournament. The randomly drawn matchups were Mark Jansen vs. Raven Walton, Paul Abrahamian vs. Alex Ow, Christmas Abbott vs. Kevin Schlehuber, and Josh Martinez vs. Matt Clines. Raven beat Mark, Paul beat Alex, Christmas beat Kevin, and Josh beat Matt.

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In the semifinals of the Week 8 Head of Household Competition, Paul beat Raven and Christmas beat Josh to advance to the finals. Paul Abrahamian then threw the competition and Christmas Abbott became the new HOH. Paul’s strategy was to let her have the power this week and afford himself the opportunity to play for the Week 9 HOH. Nobody called him on it at the competition, so maybe only the two participants know that Paul threw it by intentionally answering a question wrong. Either way, Christmas gained the power.

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It was then time for the hamsters to start scrambling. A lot of the episode was spent with houseguests talking negatively about Kevin Schlehuber. There had been previous Big Brother 19 spoilers about this taking place inside the house and it started to really come out in this episode. Alex Ow was particularly frustrated with Kevin, even suggesting that he might be a cop lying about his past. Then it was time for Josh Martinez to talk negatively about Mark Jansen and Jason Dent with the HOH (Christmas).

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Even though he didn’t get the HOH nom, Jason got a letter from home, letting him know that he was going to have another kid. It was a big moment for him in the BB19 house and it had everyone celebrating the news with Jason. That’s a bit of information that hadn’t been showcased in previous Big Brother 19 spoilers, giving CBS viewers a moment to enjoy the family side of one of the contestants. The producers continued with the softer side, going over the nice relationship between Josh and Christmas in the house as well.

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Later in the episode, a segment was shown where Paul Abrahamian was trying to bond with each of the other duos left in the BB19 house. This is something subscribers have been seeing a lot of on the live feeds, but still, nobody that Paul is working with has really figured it out. Cody Nickson did, but he is no longer in the game, removing a thorn from Paul’s side. This is certainly a way that Paul can make sure he finds a way to the final three, especially if nobody tries to make bold game moves for a while.

The plan concocted by Christmas Abbott was to nominate Matt Clines and Jason Dent with the intent to backdoor Mark Jansen. If they couldn’t figure out a way to control the Power of Veto and the nominations had to stay the same, then the plan would be to vote out Jason at the next Eviction Ceremony. Christmas primarily wanted Mark out but admitted she wouldn’t be disappointed if she could split up Jason and Alex Ow at the Week 8 Eviction Ceremony.

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The Summer of Temptation continued with five apples appearing on a tree in the house. Some of them would have punishments, while others would have powers in them. The twist could provide safety to a friend or make a second Power of Veto available for the week. When the tree lights up, the first person to go to the Diary Room could claim an apple. Mark Jansen quickly took the opportunity. The apple Mark picked allowed him to assign safety to another houseguest for the week. Some intriguing Big Brother 19 spoilers came from that moment.

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Christmas Abbott met with Raven Walton and Matt Clines about using one of them as a pawn, to which Matt volunteered. She then approached Jason Dent and Alex Ow as well, telling them about her plan to backdoor Mark Jansen. Jason agreed to be the second pawn. At the Nomination Ceremony, there were no surprises, as Christmas nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. One bit of information, though, was Mark granting Paul safety. The only way left at that point for Mark to save himself would be to win the Week 8 Veto Competition.

That brings an end to the August 20 Big Brother 19 recap, but there is more information about what has taken place in the BB19 house over the weekend. Another report by the Inquisitr covers who won the Power of Veto and presents a number of Big Brother 19 spoilers from the last 48 hours in the game.

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