‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 104 Recap, Review: Hit’s Skills & SSG Goku’s Brute Force Make A Frightening Team

Warning! Spoilers below.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 ultimately proved that alone, Hit is a frightening fighter to battle with. With Goku’s assistance, however, Hit becomes unbeatable. Faced with Dyspo, the fastest character in the entire franchise, and Kushie, an opponent who can drag his teammates back to the arena when they are about to get eliminated, Hit was on the verge of getting eliminated. Once Goku showed up in his Super Saiyan God form, however, things became much different.

The previews for Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 teased a lightning-fast battle between Universe 6’s Hit and Universe 11’s Dyspo. As soon as the episode started, the anime delivered in spades, with the two characters engaging each other in a battle that even the Gods of Destruction were unable to follow. As it turned out, Dyspo’s abilities were a perfect foil to Hit’s feared Time-Skip, since the U11 Pride Trooper was able to increase or decrease his speed at any moment while initiating an attack.

Overall, Dyspo is fast. So fast, in fact, that even the Omni Kings had to refer to their GodPads’ Instant Replay function to see exactly what was going on. Eventually, Dyspo was able to push Hit back enough to the point where the U6 fighter was literally an inch away from getting eliminated. At that point, however, Hit was finally able to get the jump on Dyspo, tricking the Pride Trooper into diving straight out of the arena.

Unfortunately for Hit, Kushie, another Pride Trooper who uses energy whips, rescued the falling Dyspo. As soon as the two U11 fighters were back on the arena, they promptly decided to double-team Hit. Before they could eliminate the assassin, however, Super Saiyan God Goku stepped in to fight the U11 fighters himself, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship.


The game ultimately changed once Goku stepped in. While Dyspo’s speed still got the better of Goku for a bit, the fact that the Universe 11 fighter only attacks in a straight line enabled the Saiyan to counter the Pride Trooper effectively. Kushie, on the other hand, proved unable to protect himself from Hit’s heart-stopping attack, despite laying out traps for the assassin.

Not long after, both the Saiyan and the U6 fighter changed opponents, with Hit once more taking on Dyspo and Son Goku taking on Kushie. By this time, Hit already had Dyspo figured out, and Son Goku, using his brute force, just proved too much for Kushie’s traps. The two fighters ended up giving the Pride Troopers a massive beatdown that ended with Hit unceremoniously pulling Dyspo by the ears before promptly throwing the fighter out of the arena.

Before Dyspo could be eliminated, however, Kushie rescued him for the last time, before he was eliminated by the Universe 6 assassin himself. With Kushie out of the fight, Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers, stated that from this point forward, it would not be about justice anymore, but about survival. For their part, Goku and Hit opted to part ways without fighting.

As a whole, Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 delivered in spades. It promised viewers and avid fans of the anime an intense, lightning-fast battle, and that is exactly what happened in the episode. Even the animation was top-notch, with the fight scenes between the fighters being well-directed and smoothly animated.


As noted by members of the DBZ subreddit, the episode was filled with scenes that were so beautifully drawn, some of its frames were worthy of being desktop wallpapers. The music was on-point too, with Goku’s Super Saiyan God theme being perfectly set to the scenes of the episode.

Even the logic behind Dyspo’s advantage over Hit was well-explained. As it turned out, Dyspo uses his ears to detect the sounds of Hit’s muscles right before he uses his Time-Skip ability; hence, the U11 fighter increases his speed to avoid falling into a disadvantage. Hit’s counterattack was well-thought-out, too, ultimately proving that the assassin is one of the most strategic fighters in the Tournament of Power.

By the end of the episode, each of the characters was built-up and developed well. If any, not one of the featured characters in Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 jobbed to the other. Hit’s counter was perfect for Dyspo, Goku’s strategy of using his transformations one after another was logical, Dyspo’s last stand was admirable, and even Kushie’s suicidal run for the sake of his teammate was heroic.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 stands as one of the strongest episodes in the Universe Survival Arc. With flawless animation, great fight scenes, and sound character development, it is Dragon Ball at its finest.

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