Surveillance Footage Captures Moment Albuquerque Walmart Security Guard Mowed Down Cyclist — Twice

A Walmart security guard in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was arrested after surveillance footage captured the moment she allegedly mowed down a bicyclist twice, according to KRQE News 13. At around 6:30 p.m. on July 21, a vehicle belonging to Walmart, which is located near Coors and I-40, can be seen on CCTV footage, traveling north in the store’s back parking lot.

Just moments later, a man on a bicycle rides by in the opposite direction and he appears to be looking back. It is believed that the Walmart security vehicle, reportedly driven by Carmen Fulcher, turned around and chased after the bicyclist at a high rate of speed. Police say the driver proceeded to hit the cyclist, causing him to stumble and almost lose his balance.

Surveillance footage captured the driver of the security car who never got out of the vehicle, striking the unidentified man again, which authorities say was a harder hit the second time around, knocking him on the ground.

Before leaving the scene, she told the cyclist that there were no cameras, but unbeknownst to the Albuquerque Walmart security guard, there were surveillance cameras in the parking lot, capturing the entire incident.

When Fulcher was questioned about the mishap, she painted a different picture from what the victim stated and what was captured on CCTV footage. The Walmart security guard denies hitting the cyclist. She told police that as she was driving to the garden center, the man hit the vehicle with a soda can, which prompted her to go after him.

As she was supposedly yelling at him and expressing her disapproval of what the cyclist had done, Fulcher stated the cyclist hit a curb next to the donation box, and now all of a sudden he’s saying she hit him with the company’s security vehicle.

The victim told police that he accidentally spilled water on the Walmart security vehicle as he was trying to take a sip. When he paddled away on his bicycle, he says that Fulcher, who has previous drug-related charges, DWI, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, went after him and deliberately struck him twice with her vehicle.

When he fell to the ground, he says he blacked out. Footage from surveillance cameras shows that he did not get up until more than a minute after allegedly being struck by a Walmart security vehicle.

The cyclist sustained scrapes and bruises to his left leg and arm. The back tire on his bicycle was damaged as a result of the incident, authorities say.

Investigators with the Albuquerque Police Department found scratches and scrapes on the security car that police say were not there before the incident.

The Walmart security guard was placed under arrest while smoking outside the store with another employee. Fulcher is facing another aggravated battery charge.

[Featured Image by Slobo/iStock]