Insider Says Mary Kay Letourneau And Vili Fualaau’s Relationship Isn’t Over

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau may have filed for a legal separation after their illicit marriage in 2005, but a source close to the couple says that they still love one another and this may not be the end of their relationship.

The pair met in 1996 when Mary Kay LtTourneau was an elementary school teacher and Vili was in her class. The teacher got pregnant two times with his child twice before he was 15. After tying the knot in 2005, it was theorized that perhaps the weight of Vili’s life at such a young age got to him and he eventually was unable to cope with all of the responsibility.

Despite their massive age difference, however, friends and neighbors of the couple have said that they were a relatively normal family.

And although they may be separating, this may not be the end for the pair. An insider recently spoke to People about their feelings on the matter.

“This couple loves each other. They have two children together. They still get along. This isn’t over. It may be different than what you think.”

Friends say that although the pair may have been mismatched age-wise, they still have a very deep bond that won’t tear them apart.

According to friends, the pair went through “the gauntlet” after being thrust into the spotlight for their unusual relationship. This has created a deeper bond than most people can imagine when it comes to romantic relationships, especially because the pair were constantly criticized by the media.

Letourneau even served seven years in prison for her inability to stay away from Vili, and it was rumored the pair communicated through breastmilk that she pumped and gave him to feed their two daughters.

Their story will be featured on Scandal Made Me Famous tonight at 9 p.m. on Reelz, which will feature some insights from family and friends as well as new never-before-heard information about the pair’s romance.

David Gehkre, who represented Mary Kay Letourneau during her infamous case, has kept in touch with the couple for the past two decades, and reveals that he thinks Vili was the happiest when the pair were first married. He will also be offering other insights he has observed through his friendship with the couple during tonight’s episode.

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