WWE ‘Summerslam 2017’ Rumors: Predicting Shane McMahon’s Interference in AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens Match

WWE Summerslam 2017, one of the biggest events of the year, is almost here. The match-card looks solid, and fans can expect an action-packed event. Like every year, Summerslam 2017 will be full of surprises and interferences. The officials will use all the resources at their disposal to ensure that the event is a huge success. While this year no celebrity interference is expected, WWE rumors indicate that Shane McMahon will definitely interfere in the AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens match.

Shane McMahon will be the guest referee in the Styles vs. Owens match at Summerslam 2017. In the past two episodes of Smackdown Live, both Kevin Owens and AJ Styles have inadvertently kicked Shane, as reported by Sportskeeda. Even though Shane had repeatedly assured that he would not be interfering in the match, the physical altercation leaves the door open for him to exact revenge on either of them.

It is rumored that Shane McMahon will have a part in the ending, irrespective of what that might be. Kevin Owens has come a long way ever since he defeated John Cena. KO has been furious about losing the title, partially blaming it on the Smackdown Commissioner. His paranoia towards Shane is well-known, and it was further revealed when he spoke about McMahon’s history of cheating as a referee? Will Shane interfere in the AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens match on Sunday?

AJ Styles will retain the title at Summerslam 2017

From a purely booking perspective, Shane denying AJ Styles victory does not make much sense. Both faced each other at WrestleMania 33, and there is nothing new left to add in the rivalry. On the other hand, the Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens segments have been received well by the crowd, indicating a tremendous potential for a future feud, as reported by Bleacher Report.

KO does not give respect whereas Shane is used to being respected. Kevin Owens has had feuds with the likes of John Cena, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho. Shane McMahon is a perfect rival for him to work without being in the title picture. It is rumored that a feud can end in a Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens at the Survivor Series.

Kevin Owens accidentally kicked Shane McMahon

Some far-fetched rumors suggest that it is also possible that Shane could turn heel and attack both AJ and Kevin. Both have accidentally kicked him, so the storyline is in place for a Shane McMahon heel turn. RAW has the authority, and with this new turn, Smackdown Live could have a heel Shane influencing outcomes.

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