‘House Of Cards’ Season 6: When Will The Netflix Original Return?

Season 5 of House of Cards concluded with a massive cliffhanger, and the cast is already talking about the sixth season. However, Netflix has yet to renew its longest-running original series as it adds many new shows to its roster.

While the fifth season garnered mixed reviews, House of Cards brings strong ratings for Netflix and will likely be renewed for Season 6. The latest season ended with Claire Underwood breaking the fourth wall and declaring, “My turn.” Meanwhile, Frank’s future seems uncertain as he faces possible jail time and dwindling political capital.

House of Cards Season 6 will likely kick off with a Claire Underwood’s presidency. Co-showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James spoke with the Hollywood Reporter a few months ago to discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

The series will explore Frank gaining power outside the White House in the private sector. He envisioned Claire as president while he pursues interests in other areas as the ultimate form of power. Their marriage will be on the rocks going into Season 6, as Claire seems to be walking back her promise to pardon Frank, and he threatens to kill her if she doesn’t.


Newcomer LeAnn Harvey (played by Neve Campbell) seems to have died in an orchestrated car crash. However, the showrunners won’t confirm whether she is dead or alive. Her body wasn’t at the crash scene, which suggests that she may have survived the hit.

Patricia Clarkson will likely reprise her role as Jane Davis and play a key figure in Claire Underwood’s administration. Will Conway will probably not return after his failed election bid, and Cathy Durant, who Frank Underwood pushed down a flight of stairs, will likely survive.


It is unclear what ramifications Frank will have to face for his desperate act or whether Cathy will be able to remember the incident.

Tom Hammerschmidt scored a win by having Doug Stamper confess to killing Zoe Barnes even though he did not do it. It is unclear whether Tom will continue to pursue Frank in Season 6 of House of Cards or settle for Doug Stamper as a win.

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