Chris Cantwell Banned From OKCupid: Report Claims White Supremacist Leader Also Gave Misogynist Dating Advice

As a result of his appearance on a VICE documentary where he espoused his racist views, white supremacist leader Chris Cantwell has been banned from OKCupid. And it appears that he was a particularly big fan of the popular dating site, frequently posting about it on his personal blog, while also giving some controversial online dating advice to women.

According to a report from the HuffPost, OKCupid made the decision to remove Cantwell on Thursday afternoon, after being notified by another user whom he had supposedly contacted. It didn't take long for the site to verify Chris Cantwell's identity, and announce that he had been "banned for life" due to his membership in hate groups, as opposed to a direct violation of the terms of service. OKCupid also encouraged users to report any other member involved in hate groups to its support team, earning the company praise on social media for its quick and decisive action.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo noted in a separate report that Cantwell wasn't just a casual OKCupid user, but a rather active one who had made multiple references to the website on his personal blog. This included an apparent post where he cited OKCupid and Plenty of Fish as his two favorite dating services, due to competitors such as Tinder, HowAboutWe, and others having "more spam than real people."

According to Gizmodo, that same post focused not only on Chris Cantwell's preference for OKCupid, but also on his advice for women whom he may potentially meet via online dating services. Although the blog entry seems to have been deleted, Gizmodo quoted the eight dating tips Cantwell supposedly gave to his female readers.
"1. Unless you're here for 'casual sex' stop telling me you're 'sick of the games'

2. Your boundaries are complete bulls**t

3. If you aren't interested in sex, I'm not interested in you

4. If you think all men suck, this tells me you have a habit of choosing s**tty guys

5. In a photo of you and a friend, I assume you are the ugly one

6. I'm here for you, not your ex boyfriend

7. I'm here for you, not your kids

8. If all I can see is your face – you're a fat girl"

Many readers took to the comments section of the Gizmodo report, slamming Chris Cantwell's dating advice as misogynist and offensive to women, and referencing other articles he allegedly wrote, including a few speaking out against mixed-race dating. These articles no longer seem to appear on Cantwell's website.
Although Cantwell's dating tips were apparently deleted soon after Gizmodo quoted them, a search for the word "OKCupid" on his personal site reveals one article remaining — a piece from 2014 explaining why he asked the service to refund the money he paid as an "A-List," or premium subscriber. According to Cantwell, this was in reaction to OKCupid's recommendation that members not use Mozilla Firefox, due to company CEO Brendan Eich's opposition to gay marriage.
"I didn't give money to OKCupid so they could promote the Democratic party and bash open source. I gave money to OKCupid so I could meet women."
Separately, Salon wrote that Chris Cantwell, prior to getting banned from OKCupid, had a long history of "making a spectacle of himself." This included his writing gig for A Voice for Men, a website described by the publication as "one of the hubs of organized misogyny on the internet." Salon noted that Cantwell wrote an article about how men are naturally more intelligent than women, due to what he sees as the woman's traditional role of "raising children and supporting the men." This article also had the white supremacist leader supposedly complaining about how women are given the power to get men arrested without the benefit of evidence.

Do you believe that Chris Cantwell's ban from OKCupid was a good move on the company's part? What are your thoughts on the dating advice he supposedly gave on his personal blog?

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