‘The War Z’ Out Now On Steam

After spending several months in alpha and beta phases, open world zombie survival game The War Z from developer Hammerpoint Interactive is now available on Steam.

The developer is calling it a “Founders Release,” which we assume is somewhere between the game being a beta and the game being gold. Much like the alpha and closed beta buy-in options, The War Z has an option to buy the base game for $15 — currently discounted to $13.49 — or pay a little extra for coins to use on the cash shop.

If you’ve already paid your way into The War Z, the developer promised on the game’s forums (via PC Gamer) that an option to activate the game on Steam is in the works. Sadly, there’s no timeline for when that is expected to happen.

So what is The War Z, you ask? Put simply, it’s a survival horror game with an open world–but the emphasis here isn’t on horror, it’s survival. Once you’ve joined a server, you’re thrown into the world with nothing but the bare essentials: food, drink, bandages and a flashlight.

The world you’re thrust into also happens to be filled with the living dead, and other players who would sooner shoot you than say hello. In order to survive, you have to carefully hunt for better and better equipment, all while trying your best to avoid interaction with anything that you don’t consider a friend.

Whether or not The War Z can capture some of the success of its inspiration remains to be seen but it does appear to be off to a good start. Hammerpoint says that to date, over 600,000 people have registered, and over 150,000 players log in every day.

Will you be trying out The War Z now that it’s out on Steam?