Spain Terror Attack Update: 13 People Dead, 100 Injured In Barcelona As Police Kill Five Suspects In Cambrils

UPDATE [8/18/2017, 3:36 p.m. ET]

According to BBC News’ official Twitter account, three people have been arrested after the attacks in Cambrils and Barcelona, with the third one added to the list on Friday.

Meanwhile, a report from Reuters revealed that the suicide belts the five men were wearing during the second incident were fake, according to the Spanish region’s head Carles Puigdemont.

Original report below:

Spain terror attack updates state that more than a dozen people have been confirmed dead, including five suspects who were shot and killed by law enforcers in the coastal town of Cambrils.

According to most recent reports from The Guardian, most of the 13 people killed and 100 more injured during the van attack in Las Ramblas, Catalan were from 24 different countries.

Out of the total death toll confirmed so far, three are believed to be German and one dead from Belgium who was identified by Didier Reynders, the country’s foreign affairs minister.

Four Australians, 26 French citizens, three from the Netherlands, and a woman and her two children from Greece were among the injured, according to the report citing data from officials in the locality.

An American as well as a citizen from Hong Kong was also found to have sustained minor injuries from the attack.

Based on a report from CNN, those previously identified as dead or injured were victims of the first leg of the 12-hour Spain terror attack where a van drove through a crowded street of the famous Las Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona, hitting a large group of pedestrians in the process on Thursday.

It was then followed by a second attack early on Friday in the small town of Cambrils, situated some 120 kilometers or 75 miles south of Barcelona. At the time, a group of five attackers were shot and killed by police after attempting to enter an area filled with tourists.

The suspects were believed to have been armed with suicide belts, although the reports are still unverified as of the writing of this article. Law enforcers has since deployed a specialist bomb disposal squad on the scene.

According to BBC News, the driver at the second Spain terror attack is still at large and authorities confirmed that seven victims were injured in the Cambrils incident.

The extremist group Islamic State (IS) has already claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying that “its soldiers” were behind them, based on a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Spain terror attack as more details emerge.

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