‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 9 Premiere: Teaser Hints Characters Could Get Wet In Major Scene

With the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 premiere still a couple of months away, the production team has been pretty much successful in keeping mum about what’s coming ahead. However, there is one thing that fans can expect in at least one of the upcoming episodes next season – things could get wet and wild.

Filming Starts for Premiere Episode

Apparently, the cast and crew of the military/police procedural drama series are already busy filming the ninth season of the NCIS spin-off. According to People’s Choice, the team began production for the NCIS: LA Season 9 premiere last week and, thankfully for fans, shared some pictures via the show’s official Instagram account.

One particularly revealing photo hints that it could be a wet premiere. In one post, lead actor Chris O’Donnell, who plays Lead Senior Special Agent of the LA-based Office of Special Projects (OSP) in the series, is seen getting ready for a water scene. With the ocean in his background, it is probably safe to assume that one of the cases the team will have to solve in the premiere would involve a lot of water or, at least, the beach. And there could be a boat ride too since Chris seems to be onboard a small boat in the picture.


Will The Investigation Start at the Long Beach Area?

But that’s not surprising at all since the OSP belongs to the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, an elite division of the agency that is usually tasked with the undercover kind of sleuthing. It is yet unclear where the filming took place, but chances are the pictures could be taken somewhere in the Long Beach area.

NCIS: Los Angeles producer John Peter Kousakis recently posted the filming locations of the Season 9 premiere on Twitter. In the post, Long Beach was cited as the location of a day scene, which will also feature an ambulance. Will some kind water emergency be involved?

Nia Long Becomes Series Regular

Meanwhile, fans can expect a new face to join the team in the upcoming season. Nia Long will be joining NCIS: LA Season 9 as a series regular playing the character Shay Mosely, Deadline reported.

Mosely will be the new executive assistant director for the team, replacing Owen Granger. It became necessary to introduce a new character on the series after actor Miguel Ferrer, who played Owen, passed away earlier this year.

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]