‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ Trailer: ‘Beware The Cannibals’ A Living Nightmare, Messes With Minds [Spoilers]

Channel Zero: No-End House is the title of Season 2 and the official trailer was finally released. The first season in the Syfy anthology series, Candle Cove, was definitely creepy. However, expect things to be turned up quite a few notches. It is teased that the upcoming installment is truly horrifying. Find out everything that is known so far about the series.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. If you don’t want any clues on what to expect, then do not continue reading.

Channel Zero Season 2 is inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta story. It is about a woman named Margot Sleator, who enters a house of horrors filled with several rooms. As she opens each door, things continue to get even more disturbing and terrifying. When she leaves No-End House and returns home, everything has changed into a living nightmare.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the poster for Season 2 was released. It shows a face that is either a mannequin or made from plaster. The eyes are missing and the head has been carved into equal vertical sections, almost resembling an oval prison cell. A hand is reaching through and getting ready to grab onto the pieces of the head that remain.

It seems to suggest that Margot will become a prisoner of her mind. That whatever was in No-End House took hold of her and is going to mentally torture her using fragments of existing memories. In fact, the poster ponders if one can be saved from their own memories. This is also teased in the Channel Zero: No-End House trailer.

In the video clip, Margot is covered with blood and walking through her neighborhood. Rushing to get home, she realizes that things are not the same and are certainly not right. Neighbors are in the driveway, held prisoners in a huge cage, like circus animals or a petting zoo. Others are standing outside staring at her in a hauntingly creepy way. Then, there is the man that is watering his grass with a hose but seems like he is in a trance.

According to Daily Dead, the new season will be disturbing and unsettling. Margot will be in a living nightmare and the question is, will she be able to escape?

Channel Zero: No-End House premieres on September 20.

[Featured Image by Allen Fraser/Syfy]