Authorities Fear The Murder Of Pregnant Woman Fernanda Pereyra Is Linked To Satanism

Patricia Ramirez - Author

Aug. 17 2017, Updated 2:30 p.m. ET

Authorities in Argentina believe that the murder of pregnant 26-year-old Fernanda Pereyra may be linked to the practice of Satanism. Specifically, investigators think that a Satanic cult may be responsible for the woman’s death, and their reasoning appears to stem from a repeated occurrence of the number six with regard to her murder.

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According to Argentinian law enforcement, Fernanda Pereyra was found stabbed to death, her remains burned so badly that medical examiners identified her by a necklace she wore, on July 20. Fernanda Pereyra was six months pregnant at the time of her death, and her charred body was found on the six-kilometer mark of Route 6 in Argentina. Because of the “significance” of the number six in the practice of Satanism, investigators believe that the murder of the pregnant woman could have been the victim of an unknown Satanic ritual.

It is believed that Fernanda Pereyra’s length of gestation (six months), as well as the location of her body (kilometer 6 on Route 6) were carefully plotted to represent the nefarious number 666. The number is referenced in the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible and is often referred to as “the number of The Beast.”

Authorities concurrently believe that the murder of pregnant 26-year-old Fernanda Pereyra could be connected to drug trafficking in Argentina.

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Argentinian investigators claim that Fernanda Pereyra was stabbed five (not six) times, and they believe that it was being stabbed that ultimately led to the young pregnant woman’s death. It was then, Fox News reports, that her killers doused Pereyra with a “large amount” of gasoline and set alight. After being burned beyond recognition, authorities say that her killers transported Fernanda’s charred remains in a Renault Kangoo van before dumping her on Route 6.

The van associated with the brutal slaying of the pregnant woman was later recovered. Argentinian prosecutors Agustin Garcia and Fabian Flores claim that the vehicle had been thoroughly cleaned at the time of its discovery, but not thoroughly enough. Traces of the victim’s hair and blood were reportedly found inside.

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Fernanda Pereyra’s ex-boyfriend Luciano Hernandez has been arrested for her horrific murder, along with two of his associates, Osvaldo Castillo and Diego Marillan. The trio of alleged murderers are connected with a drug trafficking organization and further believed to practice Satanism as well as “unidentified African religions.” Those alleged ties to Satanism have further bolstered the prosecution’s claim that the pregnant victim was murdered as part of some horrific Satanic ritual.

All three suspects are currently behind bars. It has been reported that they are being held in “preventive prison” for a term of six months while investigators and prosecutors work to bring charges and ultimately a conviction in the disturbing, potentially Satanism-related murder.

The motive behind the murder of Fernanda Pereyra is not immediately clear. While the nature of her death is now believed to have ties to ritual Satanism, some believe that her murder may be related to her being pregnant with a child not belonging to her ex-boyfriend. Others suppose that her brutal murder may have been a message to other Argentinian citizens not to attempt to interfere with local drug trafficking.

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“In my opinion, this is not a domestic violence case, this is a crime linked with drug trafficking.”

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Investigators claim that when they searched one of the suspect’s homes, they discovered various items with connections to the practice of Satanism. Included among those items were images of women in flames, Satanic music, and even a sheep, which is believed to have been used in rituals.


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