Young WWE Fan Takes Things Too Far, Interferes And Crosses A Line With Alexa Bliss At Live Event [Video]

There have always been situations at wrestling events where fans get too carried away or too involved in the action, and even with increased security, it is still happening all the time. Unfortunately, this is something that will continue to be a problem, and it most recently happened at a WWE Live Event and it involved a young fan getting a little too inappropriate with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

WWE and other wrestling promotions have their performers very close to the crowds and often times, they even become a part of them. This is simply something that has become very common in wrestling and helps make the fans more a part of the action, but it does come with consequences.

At a recent WWE Live Event, Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss took on Bayley before her injury, and the match ended without any problems. As WWE fans know, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have formed a partnership that always has them looking out for one another, and this was no different.

Jax grabbed Alexa Bliss after the match and threw the champion over her shoulder to carry her out of the arena and to the backstage area. As Jax was bringing her back, one young fan in the front row got way too close and inappropriate with Alexa Bliss, according to FanBuzz.

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As you’ll be able to see in the video below, the young boy puts his hand up for what looks to be a high-five as Nia Jax approaches him. Continuing on with what she is doing, Jax goes to walk past the kid in true heel fashion, and he reaches out and slaps Alexa Bliss hard on the butt.

Nia Jax saw it coming, but she moved a little too late and couldn’t swing Bliss out of the way before the fan connected with the slap. You can even see her screaming “No!” at him after it happens and she continues on her way backstage with a look of disbelief on her face.

Looking at the video, you can see other fans in the crowd look at the young boy, shake their heads, and tell him the same thing.

Fan interference has become a huge problem at wrestling events and it has been happening for years. Back in 2015, Roman Reigns was taking on Bray Wyatt in a match as the company was also leading up to SummerSlam, when a scary situation happened.

During the match, a fan threw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase into the ring, and it ended up hitting Reigns in the back and neck, as reported by WrestleZone. The fans immediately got into an altercation with security, and they were eventually ejected from the arena.

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IW Nerd reported about an incident last August in which a fan charged the ring during a Seth Rollins’ promo on Monday Night Raw. Security was on the fan right away and carried him away without much being seen on camera, but it was frightening to think a fan could get so close to the superstars so fast.

Wrestling promotions such as WWE have really enhanced their security measures at events, but you never know what someone is going to do. In the case of the fan interference at a recent event which led to Alexa Bliss being slapped on the rear end by someone in the front row, no one could have seen that coming. It was overly inappropriate and the Raw Women’s Champion and Nia Jax are very lucky it wasn’t something worse.

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