Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Dating Again? Ex-Couple Reportedly Growing Close Again

There may be hope yet for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield after being separated for two years. The La La Land actress reportedly visited the former Spider-Man actor multiple times in London.

According to the source of The Sun, the ex-couple have been sneaking out the back door of the production Angels in America while holding hands. Does this mean that Emma and Andrew are rekindling their romance?

Well, nothing is for sure, but the source further reveals that the Oscar nominee may be looking to start over with Emma Stone again.

“Andrew’s feelings for Emma never softened and now they are growing close once again.”

Emma was in the UK during the shoot of her film The Favourite, then traveled to London to reunite with her ex-boyfriend. She is now in New York where she is filming the Netflix series Maniac, in which she plays the main role along with Jonah Hill.

At the moment, the Gwen Stacy of this generation seems so busy with her career also having the movie Cruella lined up for her. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, is the star of the upcoming drama film Breathe.

“They have a lot of history between them but they are both so busy,” the source says, further adding that “they are just seeing what happens.”

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This Is Not The First Time The Two Acted So Close After Breakup

About a year and a half after breaking up in 2015, The Amazing Spider-Man leading man and woman have been spotted seemingly flirting with each other in February 2017, Hollywood Life reports. A different source told the publication that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield looked like they are still very comfortable with each other.

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The source also said that it wouldn’t be a shock if they got back together again. This happened about four months after Emma admitted that she still loved Andrew in her Vogue cover story. Does the statement ring true even now?

Many are still hoping for the two to give it another shot as their relationship had garnered many fans across the world. People were particularly fond of Emma and Andrew’s paparazzi shots, wherein they try to raise awareness to a certain issue that they support.

What do you think? Will Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eventually end up together again? Or are they just getting our hopes up?

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