NRA Facebook Page Goes Dark Following Newtown Shooting

The official Facebook page for the NRA has gone dark following the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, according to The Associated Press.

In addition to the National Rifle Association’s Facebook page being inaccessible to users, the organization’s Twitter account has been quiet for the past three days. Many believe this silence is a direct result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

“10 Days of NRA Giveaways — Enter today for a chance to win an auto emergency tool!” was the last official tweet issued by the NRA on the popular micro-blogging website.

The Washington Post reports that the National Rifle Association took similar measures in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting last summer. The organization deleted its magazine account on Twitter in an effort to draw attention away from the group’s agenda.

Although the Facebook page is currently inaccessible, chances are the account will be restored at some point down the line. Officials are likely waiting for the country’s wounds to heal a bit before allowing folks to post comments to organization’s page once again.

John Pierce, co-founder of, recently told TPM that NRA officials are currently figuring out what to do next in the wake of the tragedy.

“The other reason that the NRA isn’t talking a great deal is out of respect for the families who lost loved ones,” Pierce explained. “You know, historically, gun rights groups have tried to give a proper period of mourning before engaging in political debate.I believe that behind the scenes the NRA is probably girdling their loins for a political struggle.”

It’s currently unknown when the NRA’s social media outlets might begin posting content again. Since the group has roughly 30 days to reinstate its Facebook account, the organization has plenty of time to hide out while the gun control debate rages on.

What do you think about the NRA’s decision to “go dark” and remain silent on its Facebook and Twitter pages?