PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Combo: ‘Xstation’ Proves You Can Have Best Of Both Worlds With Console Mod

Many game enthusiasts are probably torn between the two biggest names in the industry — Xbox and PlayStation. For years, these console giants have been battling it out to nab the top spot in the gaming world. But why be confused if these two gaming devices can be merged into a “super-console”?

YouTuber and prototyper Edward Zarick has proven that melding the Xbox and PlayStation into one is definitely possible.

In fact, in June, Zarick shared in his blog that he successfully merged a fully functioning system, which he called the “Xstation” — obviously derived from Xbox and PlayStation.

In the YouTube video posted by Zarick, he explained how he managed to cram the components of a PlayStation 4 Slim and an Xbox One S into one modified case. The Xstation casing is almost the same size as the 1st Gen Xbox One.

The console mod has the exact same features and functions of an Xbox and PS4 except for some minor modifications. According to Zarick, Xstation comes with a 2×1 HDMI switch controlled by an Arduino.

The Arduino is also responsible for the LED indicator display and relay inside the system. Apparently, players could interchange from an Xbox or PlayStation with just a push of the switch button.

The Xstation also has an HDMI connector located at the back of the device to plug into the TV, four USB slots on the front (two per console), and two disk drives.

Zarick also noted that the Xstation will only have one power to one system at a time to avoid overheating.

In his blog, Zarick shared how he came up with the idea of merging an Xbox and a PlayStation. Apparently, the prototyper wanted to enjoy both gaming consoles without the hassle of taking up much space and effort — just like any other avid gamers out there.

He also admitted that at first, he wasn’t sure if the idea will work, especially with the complicated components of each device and the challenge of fitting them all in one case.

However, with determination and some problem solving, Zarick created the ultimate gaming console.

“I was not sure how I was going to accomplish it, but I went ahead and tore apart both of my systems and started playing what felt like a puzzle on how I could fit all the parts together inside the smallest case possible.”

This is not the first time that Zarick created a modified gaming console. Previously, he created the “Xbook” — an Xbox One S merged into a laptop screen. He also created the PlayBook Slim, which is the laptop version of the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

With Zarick’s Xstation, many are wondering if the modded device will make its way to the market soon. Unfortunately, Zarick has no plans to sell this particular creation anytime soon.

[Featured Image by Edward Zarick/Twitter]