Cruise Ship Rescues Boaters Who Were Adrift For Three Weeks

Miami, FL — A cruise ship has rescued boaters who say they were adrift for three weeks in the Caribbean.

The Associated Press reports how five Jamaicans were picked up from a small boat in the Caribbean by the Island Princess cruise ship (pictured below). The rescued passengers told cruise workers and authorities they had been on their way to a barbecue when they ran out of gas.

Cruise ship passenger Andy Greenberg of Omaha, Nebraska told the Associated Press:

“We noticed the boat slowing down. We pulled up and the occupants were screaming, ‘No food, no water.’ “

Greenberg said that passengers already aboard the Island Princess were told the motor on the small boat had failed.

Princess Cruises spokeswoman Susanne Ferrull confirmed the group were brought on board the Island Princess, but said she was not aware of the ages or condition of the rescued passengers.

It seems the rescued boaters were happy to go on their way soon enough. The group asked cruise workers to supply them with more fuel so they could continue their journey, but the cruise workers said they were unable to provide extra gas. Shortly afterwards, cruise ship staff informed officials in Jamaica.

The Island Princess left Fort Lauderdale a week ago and was due to arrive Tuesday in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The Coast Guard has declined to comment on the rescue, which lasted for 45 minutes. An investigation is now ongoing.

Cruise Ship Rescues Boaters Who Were Adrift For Three Weeks Cruise Ship