‘Little People, Big World:’ Baby Jackson Speaks To Zach Roloff, Is Baby J Starting To Mimic Adult Speech?

Baby Jackson Roloff continues to capture hearts every time he is featured in pictures and videos shared by his family. This has allowed the Little People, Big World community to witness much of his development. If Zach’s recent social media update is any indication, however, it appears that Baby J might end up reaching another milestone very soon.

In Zach Roloff’s recently uploaded video, Baby J acted like he was trying to have a full conversation with his dad. The adorable clip, which could be viewed in the LPBW star’s official Instagram page, showed the father and son having a very cute encounter.

The reality TV star could be heard directly speaking to his child in the short video clip. Interestingly, baby Jackson could be seen directly looking at the camera and listening intently to what his father was saying. Even more impressive was the fact that Baby J seemed like he was trying to make a genuine effort to mimic his dad’s words and respond to his questions.

The interaction between the father and son was very concise, but it was undeniably charming nonetheless. Here is a short transcript of the brief conversation between Zach and Jackson Roloff.

“Hey!” Zach could be heard, addressing his child.

“Hey,” Jackson replied somewhat clearly.

“Yeah, what are we gonna do today?” Zach asked.


At this point, Baby J looked like he was trying to process and respond to what his dad said. Jackson seemed like he would speak again, but he was just able to produce a small sound. He did, however, shake his head, which is a pretty clear sign that not only was his attention entirely focused on what his dad was saying, he was also somewhat comprehending the context of Zach’s speech.

According to Baby Center, babies already begin learning about language long before they actually start talking. Before they utter their first word, infants are known to observe the rules of language that adults use to communicate. Considering that Baby J is consistently surrounded by family members, there is a good chance that the youngest member of the reality TV family has already been observing the rules of communication for quite some time.

Baby Center further stated that after observing how everyone else speaks with each other, babies would begin making sounds of their own. They start with basic sounds and syllables, and eventually, they begin mimicking the simplest words they hear around them, starting with one-syllable words. This could be seen in Zach’s recent Instagram Story. While Jackson was unable to respond to his dad’s follow-up question, Baby J did successfully mimic his Zach’s first statement, which is composed of one short word.


What do you think about Zach Roloff’s latest Instagram Story? Is Jackson quite advanced with his speech? Sound off in the comments below.

Zach Roloff and his growing family are featured in Little People, Big World, which is expected to return on TLC sometime later this year.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]