‘BB19’s’ Jessica Graf Talks Raven And Cody Relationship, And Butt Poking Scandal In Instagram Live Video

Jessica Graf, the BB19 houseguest sent packing in the last live eviction episode, will not be ignored and took to social media not long after returning home. Just days ago she posted an Instagram Live video to connect with her many fans and answer several of their burning questions about topics that include Raven Walton’s claims about Cody Nickson, and the Big Brother butt poking scandal that made recent headlines.

One issue Jessica was quick to clear up involved the possible week one relationship between Raven and Jessica’s showmance partner, Cody. On live feeds, Raven has been heard telling other Big Brother 19 cast members that she rebuffed Cody’s advances during the first week of the game when live feeds were down.

About a week ago, while in the BB19 kitchen, Raven told Matthew Clines, her current showmance partner, and Christmas Abbott on live feeds that early on in the game, Cody attempted to kiss her and that she turned him down, according to Big Brother Junkies. Raven further said that Cody said he was fine with being rejected by her because she can’t have children.

Jessica disputes Raven’s account and offers her version of what happened that first week in the BB19 house. In her Instagram video, Jessica notes that Cody was the last person to walk through the door of the Big Brother 19 house, so he was without a bed to sleep in. She states Raven was the only person the first night of the game that did not have a bed mate. Jessica quips, “So Cody got stuck with the psychopath on night one.” Jessica also alleges the following about Raven’s actions during the first week of BB19.

“She [Raven] followed Cody around like a puppy dog for five days. When Cody won HOH [Head of Household] Raven actually slept in his bed, with Cody. They slept upstairs… and Raven and I were friends day one… so I was asking her, cause I thought Cody was a stud… I was asking her over and over again ‘Is there anything going on between you and Cody…?’ She kept saying ‘No,’ he sleeps on his side of the bed, she sleeps on her side of the bed and he never made a move on her.”

Jessica notes she wanted to know if she had a “shot” with Cody so on the fifth night in the house, she and Cody ate dinner together in the HOH room. After their meal, they lay in bed listening to music at which time Jessica said she fell asleep. Raven entered the room wanting to go to bed waking Jessica, who offered to leave the HOH room, but Cody stated he wanted Jessica to stay. Raven decided to leave, went downstairs, and, according to Jessica, “started following Matt around that very same night.”

Jessica then surmises Raven simply wanted to be in a showmance and didn’t care who she hooked up with, saying, “A body’s a body to her.”

With regard to the butt poking scandal covered by TMZ, Jessica argues the story is one-sided. She alleges that all of the houseguests engaged in this type of behavior and spoke about one incident in particular that almost caused a fist fight between Cody and Matt.

According to Jessica, all of the houseguests had gathered in the living room for a meeting of some sort. Jessica notes Cody was carrying her in his arms, and as he did, he walked past Matt, who was already seated on one of the couches. Jessica claims Matt looked at Cody and said, “Thanks for holding her down for me, Bud…” and then poked her in the buttocks with his finger. She states this made her “jump into the air,” which Cody was angered so much he “wanted to fight” Matt over it and nearly “lost his mind.”

Jessica indicates this demonstrates how the butt poking was not one-sided and in the video challenges any houseguest who wants to claim sexual harassment to “go for it… honestly, just go for it.”

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