Winter Lager Is Coming: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gets Its Own Beer

Make room in your fridge for the Game of Thrones season three premiere. HBO has partnered with a New York-based brewery to produce a series of themed beers based on the popular show.

Rolling Stone reports that Game of Thrones and Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York, are teaming up to develop beers worthy of Westeros. First will be Iron Throne Blonde Ale, which will be available on draft and in bottles starting next March, coinciding with the March 31 premiere of Game of Thrones season three.

Another Game of Thrones themed beer will follow in the fall, and two additional brews will arrive with subsequent seasons.

The Iron Throne Blonde Ale will be sold in 750 ml bottles (the size of a standard wine bottle) for a suggested retail price of $8.50, reports CinemaBlend. For those of you out there who are mild drinkers, that’s actually a pretty good deal for a microbrew. Bonus: It’s big enough to drown your sorrows in when one of your favorite characters unexpectedly bites it next season. We laugh, but those with a head-start on the novels know what I’m talking about.

Foods, drinks, and cookbooks have become popular tie-ins lately, and Game of Thrones fans know that food is an important peripheral aspect to the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, sometimes setting a theme for a gathering or even serving as a portent of doom.

There’s also already a Game of Thrones cookbook on the market. Daring fans may pick one up and have a full-on Game of Thrones themed premiere party with authentic food and drink. Just make sure you don’t eat anything at least 30 minutes before the “Red Wedding” episode.

Are you excited for Game of Thrones themed beer?

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