White House Renovation Update: What Trump’s Residence Looks Like While He Vacations

Soon, the rumored “dump” will be no more; a White House makeover is underway — and has been a long time coming.

While President Trump is away on a 17-day vacation, his White House appears to be in disarray, based on numerous photos. However, after the rigorous restoration is complete, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will return to its former splendor.

While you were sleeping and preoccupied with a stream of headlines about World War III and a war of words between North Korea’s dictator and America’s commander in chief, crews at the White House ripped up old carpeting, chiseled away at old stucco, prepared walls for fresh paint and gutted the Oval Office, among other things.

The White House is undergoing significant repairs and overhauls to spruce up areas of the famous residence. Reportedly, the last major renovation took place decades ago.

No sooner than Donald Trump’s Air Force One jet took flight with destination to New Jersey, workers began construction. Ahead of their arrival, White House staffers in the West Wing sought a temporary residence in the adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Officials in President Barack Obama’s administration gave the green light for renovations, but work was not to commence until his successor took office.

While Trump is on a working vacation, makeover crews are focused on various redecoration tasks such as replacing the outdated HVAC system, upgrading the White House eatery, replacing the structure’s IT system, and refurbishing outdoor areas, according to Business Insider.

Marine One on WH Lawn preparing to leave

Reportedly, the White House has a pest problem that has “plagued” staffers and visitors for years. The common housefly is a chronic pest and plans are in place to exterminate the insect.

Close up of construction sign outside White House
Row of blue storage pods outside White House
Uniformed Secret Service officer patrols outside White House during restoration
Workers prepare carpet outside White House for installation
Workers use forklift during White House renovation
Suited Secret Service agent outside White House as two people walk by
Tools lay on floor of empty Roosevelt Room
Empty Oval Office during renovation
Close up of desk in Roosevelt Room with red button marked "panic"

White House Trivia/Facts

After his 1789 inauguration as the nation’s first president, George Washington commissioned Architect James Hoban to design and begin construction of the POTUS’ official home the next year. The White House was partially constructed along the Potomac River and was themed after the Leinster House, an Anglo-Irish Villa.

The building was still under construction after Washington left office. In fact, he is the only POTUS who did not sleep in the White House. President John Adams and First Lady Abigail Adams were the official First Family to move into the completed White House.

Then, tragedy struck; the White House was destroyed by fire in 1814 during a British incursion. The structure was rebuilt from scratch, and over several administrations, presidents added their personal designs to the building.

Construction costs totaled $232,372. Adjusted for inflation, it equaled $4,278,846.00 in 2016. The building opened for public tours for the first time in 1805 on New Year’s Day.

The White House is comprised of 55,000 square feet. There are 142 rooms and 35 bathrooms under its roof over six floors.

Have any presidents died in the White House?

Yes, two passed away during their service: President William Henry Harrison (April 4, 1841) and President Zachary Taylor (July 9, 1850).

Has a first lady died in the White House?

Yes, three have died during their husband’s service: First Lady Letitia Tyler (Sep. 10, 1842), First Lady Caroline Harrison (Oct. 25, 1892), and First Lady Ellen Wilson (Aug. 6, 1914).

Is there a pool in the White House?

Yes, a swimming pool was constructed during FDR’s administration in 1933. It is covered today and is located just beneath the WH press center.

According to an NBC News report, the Government Services Administration is charged with restoring areas of the White House. Officials estimate the makeover will span over two weeks, just enough time for President Trump being away on a holiday. The price tag is reported as $3.4 million.

Do you plan a White House visit after renovations are complete?

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]