'Stranger Things' Season 2 Star Millie Bobby Brown Says Eleven Is Now A Sidekick [Video]

Stranger Things Season 2 is just around the corner on Netflix and the young female star of the show has a conflicting view of what role her character Eleven plays in the series. Now that the first season of Stranger Things has proven to be a monster breakout hit for Netflix and the entire television industry, the show has definitely set a new standard for what audiences want to see.

Make no mistake, Millie Bobby Brown is under no delusions that her character on Stranger Things is not a superstar. But she does seem to find different meaning in her role as Eleven on the streaming Netflix show, according to Deadline. That could mean that Brown is humble, if anything. But it could also mean that the Stranger Things writers did not intend for her role to be as legendary as it has become at this point.

When Millie Bobby Brown sat down and spoke with Deadline about her role as Eleven and Season 2 of Stranger Things, she gave an interesting point of view that fans of the show might be delighted to hear. That includes getting to meet former President Barack Obama and riding out the wave of Stranger Things pop culture after the show debuted on Netflix last summer.

"I didn't think Eleven would be that popular," Millie Bobby Brown said. "I thought she would just be the sidekick, which I was OK with because I believed in the show. We met the President of the United States, [Barack] Obama. Nothing else could really get better than that."

That's quite a journey that Millie Bobby Brown has been on since she became instantly famous after the debut of Stranger Things on Netflix. But it seems as though she might just be selling her character Eleven just a little too short. Some might argue that her presence on the show and the dynamic character that she brought to the role is what made the real difference, pushing Stranger Things into instant classic status and making the show a breakout hit.

But there is also something that could be said about the production quality of the show and how far producers went to make the show more authentic to the 1980s era. Many fans of Stranger Things are not young people, but rather people who grew up in the 1980s and were the same age as the kids on the show during that time period.

Either way, a much "deeper and darker" Season 2 of Stranger Things will be premiering on Netflix on October 27, just in time for Halloween.

[Featured Image by Netflix]