iPhone 8 Release Date Won’t Be Delayed Anymore, But You May Have To Manage Your Expectations

Conflicting reports surround iPhone 8’s release date. News about delays in production regularly popped up the past few months, but those stating that Apple is on track always followed shortly. The most recent rumor is that the 10th anniversary iPhone will be revealed as scheduled, but it’s not all good news.

The iPhone 8 Will Be Hard To Get Ahold Of

According to the Independent, rumors of delays are just that – rumors. As it looks now, the iPhone 8 is slated to be unveiled alongside the new iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in mid-September. All three should then be made available at the same time a couple of weeks later. But expect to have a hard time getting the 10th anniversary iPhone.

There won’t be too many iPhone 8 units hitting the shelves in the coming months. Thousands of Apple fans will likely compete for the limited stocks, so if you’re interested in becoming one of the first to own one, hit that pre-order button as soon as it goes live. Still, that doesn’t guarantee that you will be the first to receive it, as it may also face delays in shipment. That problem is not new to previous buyers.

iPhone 8 Key Feature To Be Scrapped?

The iPhone 8’s release date seems to be on schedule, but this might be the reason why the mobile phone’s most talked-about feature will be scrapped. As Inquisitr previously reported, the Touch ID might not be embedded in the screen anymore unlike what the prevalent rumors previously suggested.

However, leaks of the chassis still indicate that there will be no dedicated fingerprint scanner at the back. So where will it go? Apparently, to the bin.

From what we can glean from the HomePod code, it looks like iPhone 8 will instead use facial recognition software to do the things we’ve been using Touch ID for and more. To unlock your phone, you need only look at it. It will also be linked to Apple Pay. Telegraph also reports of another function for the so-called “Pearl ID“: silencing notifications.

Hopefully, the implementation of such tech will be flawless. Any less and it will not do as a fingerprint scanner replacement.

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