There May Be No Embedded Touch ID On The iPhone 8, Will It Be Replaced By ‘Face ID’?

One of the iPhone 8’s most standout features so far is the alleged fingerprint scanner embedded into the display, which will possibly make Apple the first to debut such tech. However, in more recent news, the company has reportedly given up on hoping to introduce the feature on the iPhone 8.

Apple is not the first company to have come up with the idea of an integrated fingerprint sensor. Samsung reportedly tried to put it on the Galaxy S8, but technical hurdles prevented it from debuting the feature this year. On the other hand, the Cupertino company has been believed to have been successful.

But renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that the smartphone maker has “cancelled” its plans of an embedded Touch ID for the next generation, Apple Insider reported. Does this mean that we will then see a dedicated fingerprint sensor at the back? No one actually knows for sure.

As of now, we don’t know the specifics of Apple’s plans. Many have expressed extreme dislike of a scanner at the back, arguing that it does not look good at all. The full-face display, however, does not leave room for Touch ID at the front. This further leads one to believe that a facial recognition software may replace fingerprint scanning altogether.

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Bits of code found in the HomePod firmware make several references to a “FaceDetect” software. So instead of using your fingerprint to unlock your phone or make purchases, you’ll use your face instead.

According to Forbes, this is a huge gamble in Apple’s part. The implementation should work better than any of what we already have in the market for it to replace Touch ID. Ever since fingerprint sensors were introduced, people have relied on it to quickly unlock their phones without even looking. It is, by far, the most efficient of all other methods.

Hopefully, this “Face ID” will be better than our expectations. The mobile community has some doubts over its efficiency, but it may be a winner in terms of security. Nonetheless, there is still hope that Apple will not scrap Touch ID, which will provide another option for iPhone 8 users.

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