Madonna: Is Former Trainer Telling Truth About Separation?

Former Trainer bashes Madonna

Madonna’s former trainer, Tracy Anderson, is making the media rounds spilling the beans about her former client. The Daily Mail has the news.

“Madonna’s former personal trainer has revealed what it was really like working with the star – and divulged that she was forced to stop training her after having to sacrifice her own family commitments.”

The article then goes on to say that Madonna was so demanding that she was forced to miss her son’s school concert. It doesn’t say whether or not Madonna actually told Anderson that she had to miss the concert or if Anderson wasn’t able to work it in with her schedule. Still, many of the commenters after the article aren’t buying Anderson’s story, or at least not showing sympathy.

“Presumably she chose to miss the concert. I’m guessing Madonna didn’t hold her hostage. Very unprofessional to share details of clients with the media. Surely that must damage her reputation and credibility,” says Grober.

“You could have said no and gone to your child’s concert however I’m sure the money she paid you must have changed your mind. I work as a nurse, I am needed, my employer pays me, sometimes I can’t get time off. Get over yourself you attention seeker!” says Wendy 1966.

Madonna's trainer Tracy Anderson

Though some may actually emotionally “get off” on an article that puts Madonna in a bad light, there may be far more to this story than Anderson or media outlets currently wish to reveal. Back in early 2010, the New York Post talked about their split.

“The troubles keep mounting for Tracy Anderson. The celebrity trainer, who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Simms, has been dropped by Madonna, her most notable client, a source close to the singer tells Page Six,” the paper said, adding that a source claimed Madonna had grown tired of the baggage that Tracy seemed to carry with her.

But it goes even further than that. In late 2009, the Guardian revealed that Anderson was having a “love affair” with the head of Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi.

“But wait. Tracy has gone and thrown her tiny dancer body at a certain Philippe van den Bossche, executive director of Raising Malawi, Madonna’s African charity. And now Philippe is leaving his post at the charity, which is based in LA, to live with Tracy and her biceps in New York.”

Raising Malawi Madonna

So, was Madonna jealous that Anderson hooked up with the head of her charity? Did Madonna just consider the relationship unprofessional? It appears that van den Bossche had a falling out with Madonna that goes deeper than the Guardian had reported. According to a New York Times article from 2010, a written report by the Global Philanthropy Group was critical of the executive director.

He was accused of mismanaging the charity and showing a lack of oversight in the charity’s projects. Because of this, a school Madonna planned to build was abandoned. The executive director would later deny the accusations, but he couldn’t say much due to a confidentiality agreement.

At the time, Madonna also ended her friendship with Gwenyth Paltrow, and many believe that it was because of the Tracy Anderson/Phillipe van den Bossche connection. The truth is that we’ll never know. But one can never take an article that makes Madonna (or any celebrity, really) out to be a bad person seriously, especially since there is always another side to the story. Perhaps Madonna will tell hers soon.

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