Former Trump Staffers Confirm Love Child After Campaign Trail Sex Scandal Breaks [Report]

A “mistress” and former Trump campaign staffer recently compared her “baby daddy” to former Senator John Edwards.

Oddly, the wife blindsided by a Trump campaign trail sex scandal is embracing the news from her unfaithful husband regarding a love child. Still, the two former Trump surrogates embroiled in the alleged affair are feuding, and the birth of a child is marred by deception from various angles, as multiple sources report.

Jason Miller and A.J. Delgado are parents to a baby boy, this according to a scandalous new report. What is more, the former trump staffers are the main players in the “very first sex scandal” to plague Donald Trump’s presidency.

Miller is a TV political contributor and noted Trump apologist who is also the president’s erstwhile White House communications director. Miller was tapped for the role in December but abruptly declined the offer a mere two days later.

Delgado, another former Trump staffer, worked as the then-president elect’s transition team adviser. According to a Page Six report, the pair engaged in sexual relations after a night of partying in Las Vegas with the press on the final night of Donald Trump’s debate with Hillary Clinton in October.

Jason Miller’s wife reportedly delivered her second child in January with the former Trump staffer. However, his mistress was already pregnant and carrying his baby.

Delgado, 36, according to the Heavy, is a 36-year-old attorney who is the daughter of Cuban immigrants. She was hired to the Trump campaign as a surrogate in September of last year. Soon thereafter, she became the source of controversial tweets that suggested she and Miller had an affair and he fathered a love child.

One such tweet, which was quickly deleted in December, compared Miller to former Senator John Edwards, who had a love child with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, during his campaign for vice president with then-Senator John Kerry in 2004.

Besieged by the sex scandal, Miller suddenly resigned from his “plum” White House role. Meanwhile, Delgado deleted her string of “sarcastic” tweets, changed her telephone number, and relocated to Florida. On July 10, the former Trump campaign staffer returned to Twitter and confirmed the delivery of William, whom she referred to as a “beautiful son.”

Miller, who also purportedly confirmed the birth of his love child with the former Delgado, reportedly made amends with his wife who, “astonishingly, accepted the news” of her husband’s baby outside of the marriage.

Page Six published a statement appearing to confirm the same.

“My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well-wishes we’ve received from so many.”

Insiders said the Trump staffers are not on formal speaking terms. Rather, they are both apparently using attorneys in order to communicate on matters pertaining to the child.

Wednesday, Delgado, or someone using her Twitter account, posted a message that highlighted her ongoing feud with Miller. In it, she hints at her version of the alleged love child rumor and the affair.

Who is A.J. Delgado? Check out the 60-second video below.

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