WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Furious With Segments From ‘Monday Night Raw’ And ‘SmackDown Live’

In the past few weeks, WWE has had to deal with some injuries, big risks being taken, and some picky crowds which have gotten under the skin of none other than Vince McMahon. Some may not have realized they were a big deal, but a segment from this week’s Monday Night Raw and one from last week’s SmackDown Live are said to have made Vinnie Mac absolutely furious. One of the things that those on the WWE main roster want to do is cross the boss.

While it is very rare that anyone will see Vince McMahon get angry about something on camera, reports often come out about what may happen backstage. For those who watched Monday Night Raw this week, they may remember a particular segment that simply didn’t go the way WWE could have planned it.

At one point, Bayley came out to reveal she would be pulling out of her SummerSlam match due to an injury, and the Toronto crowd actually booed her. The longer the segment went on, the louder the boos became, and it was obvious that even Bayley didn’t expect them.

Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of IW Nerd, is reporting that Vince McMahon was irate at the segment and how the fans received it.

wwe rumors vince mcmahon furious angry bayley boos shinsuke nakamura john cena smackdown raw
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It was really rather strange to hear the fans booing the segment and it still isn’t known if they were booing Bayley directly or booing the fact that she had to step out of the SummerSlam match. Either way, McMahon was not happy with it and he passed along his anger through Raw announcer Corey Graves.

During Bayley’s segment, Graves kept referring to Toronto as “Bizarro World” for booing Bayley and that phrase is said to come directly from Vince. Whenever he isn’t thrilled with the crowd’s reaction, he will tell them to call the city “Bizarro World” to make it seem like it is unusual.

The other incident that has built up Vince McMahon’s fury happened on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live. In the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura ended up cleanly defeating John Cena, but the match wasn’t without its share of scary moments.

Near the end of the bout, Nakamura delivered an Exploder Suplex that ended with Cena being dropped on the back of his head and neck. It was a really scary moment that brought forth an apology from Nakamura in the ring, but Cena told him not to worry about it.

While Cena may have been alright with it, Vince McMahon was not.

wwe rumors vince mcmahon furious angry bayley boos shinsuke nakamura john cena smackdown raw
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According to Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, McMahon was seemingly furious over the drop of Cena on his neck and head. While there were no injuries suffered by either man, it was the well-being of John Cena which made McMahon so angry.

Right now, Nakamura is not on McMahon’s hit list as he feels it was merely a mistake. McMahon was just angry over the fact that John Cena may have been badly hurt. Working in Nakamura’s favor is that almost everyone backstage saw the drop as nothing more than a one-time thing and no one was truly mad at him directly about it.

As things currently stand, Bayley was in the title chase for the Raw Women’s Championship, but her injury has her off of the SummerSlam card entirely. That move was made before Monday night’s segment and the boos, so that didn’t bother her standing on the brand. In the case of Shinsuke Nakamura dropping John Cena on his head on SmackDown Live, that whole thing is a bit easier to see why Vince McMahon may be so angry.

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